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Why is Academic Performance So Important?

The bond between athletic scholarships and academic performance has always been there. Many capable athletes have missed lucrative full scholarships because their grades were not up to scratch. If you want one of the few NCAA golf scholarships, or a scholarship in any of the other sports available, this year you have to do well in class.

However, what many people do not understand is why golf scholarships in the USA require some evidence of good academic performance.

The Principle

Colleges place a lot of emphasis on sporting performance, but this is not the primary reason why students are attending college. Even athletes are there to earn a college degree. If a professional team does not pick them up, they need this degree to fall back on. Yes, they will spend a considerable amount of time playing sports, but they will also spend the rest of their time in class.

Athletic scholarships demand evidence that a student could cope with the academic rigours of a college education because otherwise the tuition fees are essentially going to waste. Furthermore, what we have to remember is that college remains a bastion of academia.

Discipline to Perform

Ideally, anyone who earns NAIA golf scholarships will have no problems performing when it comes to golf. Nevertheless, skill will not get you through the collegiate level. It will work in high school because you can breeze through your games without anything more than natural talent and the occasional practice session. The problem is everyone is capable of this in college.

Evidence of academic performance shows coaches that you are a disciplined human being. You are able to juggle two things at once. If you’re able to do both, they’ll see that you have the discipline to give your college education everything you have.

Taking a Risk

In the past, it was not uncommon for a coach to pick up a student on a scholarship with the assumption that they would graduate high school. Without a high school degree, you cannot move on to college. If the player did not make it through high school, the coach’s gamble failed and they were left with a spare scholarship.

Coaches are tired of taking these risks. These days you will not have a chance of winning a scholarship without a solid track record of academic performance. They want to know that you have an almost certain chance of making it into college in the first place.

There are some exceptions to this rule, though. If you are an All-American who happens to be the perfect physical specimen, a coach may make an exception and let you through the process with lesser academic grades. For everyone else, they have to have certain grades.

What are these Grade Requirements?

The academic requirements differ for every school and every college degree course. Carefully look at these requirements before applying, or you will be wasting your time. Contrary to what you might think, they are not going to lift the barrier to let an under-performing student through.

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