2011 NCAA Woman of the Year - Laura Barito - United Sports USA
2011 NCAA Woman of the Year – Laura Barito

Laura Barito, Stevens Institute of Technology swimming and track & field student-athlete, is the 2011 NCAA Woman of the Year. Coming from a non-athletic family Laura puts her success as a college athlete down to hard work and perseverance. Congratulations Laura on all of your hard work!

Life as student athlete is challenging as you have to balance both academics and competing, hence a lot of young athletes are wondering how to make time for studying. Laura Barito should be your inspiration as she manages to compete in two sports alongside the work she puts in the classroom. She studies mechanical engineering and, after realising that sport is very important part of her life, now she dedicates her research to bio-mechanical engineering. She is also involved with community service which she regards as an amazing experience. Everyone can agree she has deserve the honour of being NCAA Woman of the Year.

Many young athletes see the track and field scene in United States as one of the most competitive in the world. American colleges can provide coaching, world class facilities and the environment to grow and succeed. College athletics pushes student-athlete to become the best version of themselves. As Laura has said in the video, she has to thank her team and coaches for the support and encouragement.  Learn more about Athletic Scholarships in America.