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The Real Life of a Student Athlete

In this video the University of Indiana speaks about the life of a Student Athlete and many of the common misconceptions that people make . The video includes interviews with IU Football Coach Bill Lynch as well as two athletes John Gunnell of the IU track team and Kristi Wink of the IU swimming team.

A good eye opener for anyone intending to play sports at American college, the video discusses how the public perception of college sports differs from the reality. It’s not only glamour, spotlight and those game nights everyone is rushing to watch. Being a student athlete also means schoolwork, studying and working towards the degree. It also means early morning practice, hours in the gym and weight room and impeccable time management required to sustain such routine.

College athletes have to make sure to achieve certain grades to be eligible to compete. There is always tutoring and professors who are happy to help accessible to student athletes, however, the student has to put in the time and work to keep their grade point average above the threshold limit. The athletes are encouraged to study and succeed in the classroom just as they are encouraged to do well on the field. The athletes who excel in theĀ  classroom are often rewarded too.

Only about 1% of student athletes continue to professional sports. Therefore, walking out of university with a college degree is a priority of most.

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