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Student-athlete experience playing tennis at CSUS

We hear from Verena Preikschas who represented Cal State Stanislaus. She speaks about her student-athlete experience and how it has helped her upon graduation.

Verena outlines that being part of the team, among people who care about you was one of the most rewarding part of being student-athlete. The team is the family. And her tennis coach definitely reinforces that. The coaching staff is caring not only about the performance at the court but also in the classroom. Student-athletes have the best conditions to improve their game while successfully achieving a degree.

As a German Verena feels honoured to have been named All-American for several years. She has also scored academic honours for having highest GPA in her class. Many international students like Verena are enjoying the benefits of tennis scholarships in America.

Verena is now coaching tennis. She transfers a lot of skills that she has gained during her time at university. Student-athlete experience has benefited her communication. Verena is also keen to give back to the community. She believes in sharing her experience with youngsters. She also claims that student-athletes should be role models in their communities.

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