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Strength & Conditioning at Oregon State University

Bryan Miller, Sports Performance Coordinator, talks about the new Sports Performance Center, including Strength & Conditioning equipment and size of the building. He also discusses the Oregon State sports performance philosophy.

The center was built in 2008. It spans 20,000 square feet. It allows to accommodate all the sports, all the athletes and all the coaches throughout the year. Because of the size, it can accommodate four teams at once. This allows the flexibility as the teams can use the facility any time they want. The teams and athletes do not have to change their practice or class schedules.

The unique aspect of the sports performance center is the four lane track. It allows staff to provide different training adaptation for their athletes. Coaches also enjoy the quality and quantity of Strength & Conditioning equipment available.

Oregon State follows simple philosophy. First and foremost they see importance to evaluate each and every athlete. Therefore, they identify athletes’ strengths and weaknesses. And from that point the staff addresses that and corrects that. Bryan compares athletes with high performance cars. At Oregon State University coaches and staff want to see their athletes in top shape from January to January.
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