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Sports Scholarships in the US

UK students have the opportunity to attend top universities and colleges to study their preferred topics, provided they put in the effort and get the required grades. There are many wonderful educational facilities all over the country offering fantastic courses that will help the student to progress towards their chosen career path. However, students in the UK also have the opportunity to study abroad in places such as the United States, with the chance to win amazing sports scholarships.

What is a Sports Scholarship?

Sports scholarships are relatively unheard of in the UK but, in the States, they are quite common and are available for those who are academically gifted as well as proficient at a particular sport. Universities in America may offer a sports scholarship to international students who are considered exceptional at a particular sport and who have performed well in their exams.

A sports scholarship is slightly different to a regular academic scholarship. With a normal scholarship, a student will apply to receive funding for university and the application will be assessed by the university and awarded when relevant. However, with a sports scholarship, the process is a bit more involved.

The athletic department of a university will grant the funding for a sports scholarship,so the coaches and directors of this department will be heavily involved in awarding the funding. There are a number of sports that scholarships are awarded for including soccer, golf, basketball, wrestling, and gymnastics

How Much Funding Is Available?

Sports scholarships are awarded from year to year and students can apply for four years, which is the normal length of time for an undergraduate degree. The amount of funding that is paid will vary from full funding to just a few thousand dollars. Those who can afford to make up any shortfall in the cost of a degree and the funding received will be in a better position to apply for a sports scholarship.

It is important to realise that a sports scholarship does not mean that the sole purpose of attending college or university is to play that sport. These scholarships are only available to those who are also studying towards a degree of some kind.

Who is Eligible for a Sports Scholarship?

Anyone can apply for a sports scholarship but he or she must meet the criteria set down by the specific athletic association. To continue receiving funding, the student must maintain his or her grades while in university.Studying and scholarships go hand in hand and students wishing to be successful must realise this.

How to Apply

International students hoping to win sports scholarship to the US will be competing with students from the US, so will automatically be at a slight disadvantage. However, there are many international students currently studying in America on full scholarships, so it is possible. It is important to apply as early as possible and to put in as much effort as possible, as this will improve the chances of success.

When it comes to applying for a sports scholarship in the US, there are a couple of ways to go about this. It is possible to contact the various universities to enquire about their scholarship programme and to express your interest. Alternatively, you can use a placement service or sports scholarship agency for help with the process. These agencies already have access to the right people at the universities and have in-depth knowledge of how the process works and how to submit a successful application.

Finding a Sports Scholarship Agency

United Sports USA is one of the leading sports scholarship agencies and works with students from all over the UK. If you are a natural at golf, soccer, swimming or athletics and you would like to study in the US, we can help you find the perfect sports scholarship to make your dreams come true.