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Tips for Student Athlete Looking to Impress

Netting an athletic scholarship is incredibly difficult. You can increase your chances of success by going about your business in the right way. If you’re a student athlete, you need to act like a student athlete. Together with the experts at, we are going to go through some of the smart tips every student athlete should use.

Treat it Like a Job

Your job and your goal are to be a student athlete. Treat it like that. Do not act like a little kid who just lounges about the school doing nothing. Schedule every part of the day and make sure it is split between sports and class. Never neglect any aspect or you will soon run into problems. For example, if you skip class you could find yourself having problems academically, which could jeopardise your athletic scholarship.

Telegraph Missed Days

If you need to miss class because of an unscheduled practice, organise this in advance. Missed days can cause real problems for anyone trying to win hockey or soccer scholarships. You should communicate ahead of time by getting in touch with your teacher and figuring out a plan for how you are going to make the time up. If you work with your professor, they are not going to make a fuss over missed days.

Don’t be the Difficulty

No coach wants to have to deal with a disruptive individual in the team. Avoid becoming the sort of person who always irritates everyone else. Do not make a big deal over every bad practice session or every poor refereeing decision. Be an asset to the team. People often gain scholarships simply because they are the sort of person who can boost morale in the team makeup, rather than because they’re the star player.

Personal Branding

Sports are a big aspect of the education system in the US. Everyone knows who you are and everyone will always know what you are up to. High schools and colleges want to see athletes who act as positive role models. Manage your personal brand by making the right decisions when it comes to things like drugs and alcohol. Do not sabotage your own chances.

Show a Plan B

Yes, if you are applying for baseball or hockey scholarships, coaches will want to see that you’re committed, but what they will not want to see is someone who hasn’t thought of a plan B. Demonstrating that you do have a plan B will show that you’re a student who can think ahead and plan. These are essential qualities in any student, and they will stand you in good stead.

Many people wrongly believe that by showing they have other interests they will give the impression that they are not fully committed to the cause. This could not be further from the truth. It is a positive aspect and it will make you stand out against the rest of the competition.

If you have academic aspirations, this is even better because you will highlight the fact you have the discipline to juggle two ambitions at one time. are the professionals in helping students win golf scholarships and soccer scholarships. They can teach students how to manage an athletic lifestyle in preparation for their application. We have number of tips for Student Athlete who wants to maximise their chances.