Rollins College - NCAA DII Powerhouse - United Sports USA
Rollins College – NCAA DII Powerhouse

Rollins College is one of the prestigious schools that celebrates not only education excellence. It also continues to be one of the top sides playing at NCAA DII. College provides number of sports both on varsity and club level. Rollins college has some of the most impressive facilities within the division. The video is a short promo presenting the school. It showcases some of the benefits that their students enjoy every day. Beautiful campus seems to have it all. From state of art sporting facilities and top notch labs to student dorms that rather looks like an exotic hotel at the holiday destination – Rollins College is definitely on the top of the list for many students considering higher education.

Playing at the top of NCAA DII Rollins attracts some of the top athletes within United States of America. It also appeals to number of international players from around the world. Generous scholarship packages helps covering the costs of attendance that are around $65k per year. Sports scholarships are just one of the ways to pay for the education at this prestigious college.

Soccer is big within Rollins. The team shows great results during regular season and beyond. Men’s soccer team has won number of SCC tournament championships. It has been competing at NCAA DII National Tournament every year reaching finals in 2010. Men’s soccer team has a massive support and fan base.

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