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NJCAA Track & Field Scholarships

As a Track and Field athlete, you probably have more scholarship options than you may realize. In the United States, it is common for colleges and universities of all sizes to give scholarships to promising athletes. One option worth considering is a NJCAA scholarship.

NJCAA Scholarships vs. NCAA Scholarships

Scholarships through the NJCAA are much different than those through the NCAA.   To start with, NJCAA colleges are 2-year institutions.   They are referred to as “junior colleges” or “community colleges.” When you finish with the 2 years, you will have an Associate’s Degree or a Technical Degree. The purpose of these institutions is to give students enough core knowledge to enter the workforce after the 2 years of education. Or, many students transfer the course credits they earned there to a 4-year college or university where they can get a Bachelors degree.

Both academically and athletically, NJCAA colleges are not as competitive. This can be a good choice for Track & Field athletes who love playing, but don’t necessarily want to go pro. Some other reasons to choose a NJCAA Track & Field scholarship include:

  • NJCAA colleges are much cheaper
  • Very diverse student body; great for international students
  • Can use community college to improve academics and/or athletics and then win a scholarship at a NCAA or NAIA institution


How Good Do You Have to Be to Get a NJCAA Track & Field Scholarship?

NJCAA is not nearly as competitive as the NCAA or NAIA. However, this doesn’t mean you should dismiss the NJCAA. Some community colleges have very good Track & Field teams and you will be able to develop yourself athletically in the programs.

To get an idea of how good you need to be to win a D1 Track & Field scholarship at a NJCAA college, take a look at the NJCAA championship results.   Here are some results from 2015 and how they compare to the NCAA D1 results.

 Men’s 100 Meter Dash  10.82  9.90
 Men’s 400 Meter Dash  50.47  44.00
 Men’s High Jump  2.1m  2.28m
 Men’s Long Jump  7.09m  8.43m
 Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles  14.2  12.55
 Women’s High Jump  1.73m  1.99m
 Women’s Long Jump  5.36m  6.99m


NJCAA Track & Field Scholarships Offered

There are about 60 colleges in the United States which offer scholarships for Men and Women’s Track & Field (indoor and outdoor).

Note that most NJCAA sports are divided into D1, D2, and D3. With Track & Field though, there are only levels D1 and D3. Scholarships are only available at the D1 level. You can earn a full scholarship or a partial scholarship at the D1 level.

Here are some of the top NJCAA colleges to consider for Track & Field.

  • South Plains College – Levelland, Texas
  • Central Arizona College – Coolidge, Arizona
  • Barton County Community College – Great Bend, Kansas
  • Iowa Central Community College – Fort Dodge, Iowa


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