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NCAA student athlete – preparing for life

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) understands the importance of preparing athletes for a life outside their sport. As an NCAA student athlete you will be given the opportunity to study for a degree just like any other student enrolled at the university or college. The difference is they don’t have the pressures of practices, workouts, road trips and game days to contend with. However, representing your university makes the extra work worthwhile.

With over 360.000 student athletes competing within NCAA three divisions only a small portion will have a career in professional sports. NCAA encourages young athletes to ask themselves who they want to be and what they want to do. Over the last hundred years student athletes found their path in life, their success outside the field, court or rink. Being student athlete is more than just your development in sports and your time in the spotlight as a next athlete superstar. This experience is preparing you for life. NCAA student athlete gets an opportunity to have a head start and be ready for a life after their time at university or college.

Over the years United Sports USA sent many athletes to compete within all three NCAA divisions. We carefully assess every candidate to make sure they are fit for a life as a student athlete in highly competitive environment of American Collegiate Sports System. Find out more about Sport Scholarships in the USA and apply to find if this opportunity is for you. Do you have what it takes?