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Medical care for student-athletes at Oregon State

Barney Graff, Head Athletic Trainer, talks about the brand new Athletic Training Facility. He also discusses the athletic training philosophy at Oregon State. Medical care for student-athletes is an important part of varsity sports.

The big open room is good for the traffic flow during the season. Packed with supplies, it allows athletes to use it pre and post practice. Also student-athletes can use it for rehabilitation purposes and overall heath care concerns.

The separate practice and game preparation facility can help people with prophylactic treatments. Athletes can use rehab room and hydrotherapy area. Physicians have separate rooms for diagnosing and treating athletes. The range of facilities help to provide top class medical care for student-athletes.

Barney explains the philosophy of the department. Their number one goal is to help student-athletes if they have a problem, injury or illness. They want to enhance their health and promote better performance. Medical staff want to ensure that for this group of athletes every day is the best day in terms of their heath.

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