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Welcome to United Sports Scholarships USA

We help talented student athletes receive sport scholarships in America in Soccer, Golf, Track & Field, Swimming & many other sports.

At United Sports USA we are committed to helping talented boys and girls continue their academic and sporting careers as student athletes within the American collegiate system.

We have assisted male and female student athletes from 21 nations world wide with different sporting backgrounds and helped them achieve scholarship funding at universities/colleges at 41 States in America within the NCAA, NAIA, USCAA, NJCAA & NCCAA !

Our students have gained:

Golf scholarships, Soccer / Football scholarships, Track & Field/Athletics scholarships, Swimming scholarships and many other sports scholarships in the United States.

Studying abroad provides a totally different environment to develop as a student, human and athlete. Some benefits are, gaining life experience in a new  country/ continent, adapting and experiencing a new culture, meeting new friends, competing in a different climate, traveling to and from your home nation which provides logistical experience for employment purposes,  driving abroad, working on campus or internship, there are so many benefits to studying abroad which set you aside from the average student and provides opportunities for employment in the USA or your home nation.

Could you be next ?

Please feel free to explore our website to find out where students are studying, success stories, up coming assessment dates, blog and much more! 

Since 2009 we have placed student athletes in 41 states in the USA generating over $14,000,000 of scholarship funding collectively for our clients !

As a student-athlete you will be given the opportunity to train at some of the world’s finest facilities in an environment renowned for producing top professionals in every sport. The universities are committed to the development of their student athletes and invest heavily to ensure excellent coaching staff, equipment, medical facilities and academic support for all athletes.

If you are interested in pursuing a please apply or contact us on 0141 332 0690 to speak to our experts.

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