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and our goal is to help talented student athletes find sports scholarships in colleges and universities in America. If you dream about playing collegiate sports in the USA, we can help make it happen.

Since 2009, we have helped students from 22 nations worldwide win athletic scholarships at universities in over 40 states within the NCAA, NAIA, USCAA, NJCAA, and NCCAA. Could you be next?

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Soccer scholarships

  • Golf scholarships

  • Track & Field scholarships

  • Swimming scholarships

Why Use Sports Scholarship Consulting Services?

It takes more than being a great athlete to get a sports scholarship. Less than 2% of American high school athletes get college scholarships, and even fewer international student athletes will get scholarship offers. In this competitive landscape, it isn’t enough to be good at your sport. You have to make your presence known to US coaches.

At United Sports USA, we take a proactive approach to scholarship recruiting services. Our staff of former college athletes is familiar with the sports recruitment process and has expert insights which give you a competitive edge. Kids who use our methods to promote themselves to coaches aren’t just more likely to get scholarship offers, but get the scholarship which is best suited to them.

Read through our website to learn more about our sports scholarship services, upcoming assessment dates, where our former clients got scholarships, and vital information for international student athletes.

Ready to get started? Apply now or contact us directly at 0141 332 0690 to speak to our experts.

Since 2009 we have placed student athletes from 22 nations world-wide, spanning 4 continents at colleges in 41 states in the USA generating over $18,000,000 in scholarship funding for our clients !

As a student-athlete you will be given the opportunity to train at some of the world’s finest facilities in an environment renowned for producing top professionals in every sport. The universities are committed to the development of their student athletes and invest heavily to ensure excellent coaching staff, equipment, medical facilities and academic support for all athletes.

If you are interested in pursuing a please apply or contact us on 0141 332 0690 to speak to our experts.

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