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UK students have the opportunity to attend top universities and colleges to study their preferred topics, provided they put in the effort and get the required grades. There are many wonderful educational facilities all over the country offering fantastic courses that will help the student to progress towards their chosen career path. However, students in the UK also have the opportunity to study abroad in places such as the United States, with the chance to win amazing sports scholarships.

Top USA Scholarships

What is a Sports Scholarship?

Sports scholarships are relatively unheard of in the UK but, in the States, they are quite common and are available for those who are academically gifted as well as proficient at a particular sport. Universities in America may offer a sports scholarship to international students who are considered exceptional at a particular sport and who have performed well in their exams.

A sports scholarship is slightly different to a regular academic scholarship. With a normal scholarship, a student will apply to receive funding for university and the application will be assessed by the university and awarded when relevant. However, with a sports scholarship, the process is a bit more involved.

The athletic department of a university will grant the funding for a sports scholarship,so the coaches and directors of this department will be heavily involved in awarding the funding. There are a number of sports that scholarships are awarded for including soccer, golf, basketball, wrestling, and gymnastics

How Much Funding Is Available?

Sports scholarships are awarded from year to year and students can apply for four years, which is the normal length of time for an undergraduate degree. The amount of funding that is paid will vary from full funding to just a few thousand dollars. Those who can afford to make up any shortfall in the cost of a degree and the funding received will be in a better position to apply for a sports scholarship.

It is important to realise that a sports scholarship does not mean that the sole purpose of attending college or university is to play that sport. These scholarships are only available to those who are also studying towards a degree of some kind.

Who is Eligible for a Sports Scholarship?

Anyone can apply for a sports scholarship but he or she must meet the criteria set down by the specific athletic association. To continue receiving funding, the student must maintain his or her grades while in university.Studying and scholarships go hand in hand and students wishing to be successful must realise this.

How to Apply

International students hoping to win sports scholarship to the US will be competing with students from the US, so will automatically be at a slight disadvantage. However, there are many international students currently studying in America on full scholarships, so it is possible. It is important to apply as early as possible and to put in as much effort as possible, as this will improve the chances of success.

When it comes to applying for a sports scholarship in the US, there are a couple of ways to go about this. It is possible to contact the various universities to enquire about their scholarship programme and to express your interest. Alternatively, you can use a placement service or sports scholarship agency for help with the process. These agencies already have access to the right people at the universities and have in-depth knowledge of how the process works and how to submit a successful application.

Finding a Sports Scholarship Agency

United Sports USA is one of the leading sports scholarship agencies and works with students from all over the UK. If you are a natural at golf, soccer, swimming or athletics and you would like to study in the US, we can help you find the perfect sports scholarship to make your dreams come true.

If you have ever considered studying abroad then you may be interested to know that one way to do this is with a sports scholarship. USA universities offer many opportunities for sports scholarships every year and they are not just open to students from the USA. Many internationals students are studying for degrees in the States while playing the sports that they love with funding awarded by the particular university they are attending. That alone is a great reason to get an education in America, but are there any other benefits to studying in the States? Below are a few of the advantages of studying in America.

Benefits of a Sports Scholarship

  • Employability improves. There are many companies in the UK that will like the fact that you have been educated in the United States. Companies know that there is a benefit to hiring someone with experience of the American culture. Another reason is the fact that many universities in America are highly regarded when it comes to offering superb education. Those with an American education may have a distinct advantage when it comes to applying for jobs in the UK. Showing that you have studied abroad and have seen more of the world is another advantage when it comes to job hunting. In addition, it will ensure that your CV stands out from the rest.
  • Gain experience in many subjects. The way the education system works in American universities and colleges is that students will study many different subjects for the first two years before they move on to more specialist subjects. This means that students get a more rounded education and will have more skills to add to their CV. It also means that students have two years to decide which subjects they want to focus on.
  • Gain life experience. Studying abroad allows students to see more of the world. When students are not studying or playing sport, they can enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. There is so much to see and do in America that you would never get bored.
  • Job opportunities. Students in America are often headhunted by top employers before they have even finished their degrees. Companies can be quite aggressive when they want someone and this may allow students to secure much better salaries and benefits packages. So as well as studying in America, you may even have the opportunity to work for a top company, provided you put in the effort and get the necessary grades.
  • Enjoy time off. Some students will take the opportunity to explore this large country when they have time off from studying. Therefore, during the holidays they will travel the States, meeting new people and generally having fun. Holidays in America are often on the top of British people’s wish list but if you are studying over there, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting your education and travelling during your holidays.

Sports Scholarships in America

UK students have the opportunity to apply for these sports scholarships, which are an amazing way to try to secure funding for an American education. Studying abroad is a great way to enhance your CV and to make employers take notice of you. If you want to study abroad, you can apply for a sports scholarship through United Sports USA. We are a top sports scholarship placement agency and have had success finding placements for UK students in many top universities in the USA. We provide sports placements for those who excel in sports such as basketball, golf, soccer, and athletics.

When applying for a sports scholarship, such as golf scholarships in America for instance, it is important to take the time and put in the effort required to ensure your success. These scholarships are typically awarded to the applicants who have put in the most effort, so it really is in your own hands. Those who assess the applications can tell whether it has been composed poorly and will judge it accordingly. If you are sloppy with your application, then it will more than likely be eliminated in the first round of assessments.

golf scholarship

Why Put in the Effort

Having a negative attitude when completing a sports scholarship application form will be detrimental to your success. While you are competing with other students for a scholarship, you have just as much chance as anyone else, provided of course that you have put in the work and that you meet the criteria. If you want to win a scholarship, do not feel that you are wasting your time because ‘they are bound to pick someone else’. The time and effort required to submit an excellent application would be worth it if it means you get to play your favourite sport while studying for a degree at the same time. College and university fees can be very expensive so if you get the chance to study for free or for a fraction of what it would normally cost, then you should make sure you do everything you can to make this a reality.

What You Need for a Successful Application

To be successful when applying for a golf scholarship, the most important thing is to meet the criteria set down by the college or university that you are applying to. There is no point in applying if you do not meet these criteria. In this instance, completing the application and putting in effort in doing so, would be a waste of time. Once you have met the criteria, you are half way there.

Think about what you want to study and do your research on the various colleges and universities offering this type of degree. Prioritise your choices and focus on putting every effort into applying with these educational facilities. The way to do this is to go through the various options and tick off the ones that you are eligible to apply to. Once you have done this, think carefully about which ones you are going to focus on. Your choice may be down to which city you want to study in or which university or college has the best facilities. When choosing the most relevant scholarships, you should consider when each application needs to be completed and how difficult each application will be to complete.

Another thing to consider is the amount of the award for each scholarship. Obviously, the bigger the award the better. With fees being so expensive, a higher paying award will be beneficial, so this is an important consideration. The amount of time you will need to put into an application will more than likely be greater if there is a chance of a full scholarship at the end of it.

Start Applying

Once you have whittled down the list, you can begin the process of applying. You can make it easier on yourself by recruiting the services of sports scholarship placement agency such as United Sports USA. We can help you with all aspects of the application process and will be able to advise you on the best options available.

Football scholarships to America are growing in popularity; many British students are applying for sports scholarships, which will allow them to play the sport they love while also getting an education in one of the top colleges or universities in the States. It is possible to get a full scholarship, in which all fees are covered, or a partial scholarship.

Football Scholarships to America

If your child has a talent for soccer and he or she would like to play for an American college, there are a number of ways that you can help to improve his or her chances of being accepted and maybe winning a sport scholarship. Below are a few tips on how to be successful when nurturing your child to apply for soccer scholarships.

  • You may have noticed from an early age that your child has a flair for soccer. If this is the case, it is important to nurture this talent. Spend time with your child in the park and allow him or her to develop their skills with a ball. As with all things, practice makes perfect so let your child spend his or her spare time playing soccer and enrol them in one of the many soccer programmes that begin at primary school age. The more time a child devotes to a sport, the better he or she will become at it.
  • Impress upon your child the importance of studying. Football scholarships in America are awarded to students who have a talent for the sport but who also get good grades. The purpose of the scholarship is to allow students to play their favourite sport for the college or university, while also studying for a degree at the same time. These scholarships will only be awarded to students who perform well academically and who have a talent for soccer.
  • Encourage your child to sign for a local football team and to play for the school team too. Playing for a team allows your child to learn about the game and to play with others. It will also mean that they will develop a position in which they excel. Most soccer teams will belong to a particular league where they will play competitive games. They may also play cup matches in which they will compete for a specific trophy. These matches develop a healthy attitude to competition and this will help your child to become a better player. Soccer scouts will visit some tournaments and this could give your child a chance to be noticed.
  • Speak to the coaches of your child’s team and express your desire for him or her to apply for a soccer scholarship. The coaches may be able to help with any application and may know the right people to speak to. Word of mouth is a great way to become noticed, so make your feelings known to whoever may have some sway.
  • Summer soccer camps are also a great idea. Not only will they allow your child to develop his or her skills, they may also be the place recruiters search out top talent.
  • Do your research on the colleges and universities in the States that give scholarships. Find out their criteria as early as possible so that you and your child know what needs to be done.
  • Submit the soccer scholarship application as soon as possible. The earlier you get the application process started, the less stressful it will be. To make it easier, it might be a good idea to engage the help of a sports scholarship placement agency such as United Sports USA.

United Sports USA works with students from all over the UK. We can help to make the application process easier and can help to take the hassle and stress out of your hands. Contact us today for more information, help and guidance on how to nurture your child’s talent.

United Sports USA are proud to annuonce their partnership with The Rondos Football Academy. This mutual partnership will benefit players from both parties. The Rondos Academy is based on the philosophy of Pep Guardiola. Rondos, meaning ball retention, is used to encourage footballers in every aspect of their technical development.

United Sports USA will be the link for players of the Rondos Academy to help them obtain Soccer Scholarships in America, and players from United Sprots USA will have the chance to develop their skills at the Rondos Academy. Managing Director Fraser Gibson, said “We believe in the approach the Rondos Academy has in terms of the development of young players. It is based on the technical aspect of the game and our players can beneifit hugely from this type of coaching, helping them prepare for life as a college soccer player in the USA”

Jason Hollick the Rondos Academy Manager, said “We are always excited to see the progression of players through our academy and United Sports USA can take them a step forward in their development by sourcing soccer scholarships in the USA. This is a great opportunity and we are all excited about the partnership”

For any players interested in signing up for the Rondos Academy which is located in Maidstone, Kent. visit their website here:

There is always a big discussion over how far talent can take you. USA scholarships and students have not changed much in the last few decades. The fact is that they are just as competitive as ever before, if not even more so. You have thousands of students competing for a handful of scholarships. This puts you in a difficult position because now you have to look for an edge.

The argument over talent has always been a big one within the subjects of USA scholarships and students. Some think natural talent can take you to the top, whereas others think it is only a tiny part of the package. Let us examine this closely.

Athletic Scholarship

What is Talent?

Talent is not what people think it is. Yes, you may hear sports commentators saying that player is so talented. However, it does not mean the player was a born basketball or baseball player. On the contrary, most children start out in exactly the same boat. It is only later on that they start to change. Talent is not an aptitude for a certain sport. It is an aptitude for certain skills. For example, some people have better hand eye coordination than others do.

It just so happens that these people have skills that match specific sports. It gives them a solid base to work from.

Natural Attributes

There are some things people cannot control. Students must have a certain number of natural attributes that match the sport. Basketball is notorious for this. They demand that their players are tall and wiry. If they are short or bulky, it makes it more difficult for them to breakthrough. Coaches often favour students with certain attributes. It may look unfair, but they have their jobs on the line every year. They have to go with what works.

Ability Is Not the Same

If we look at the subject of USA scholarships and students, we can see that many people combine both talent and ability. This is the wrong way to look at it because they are not the same. You can be talented without having the ability and you can have ability without having natural talent.

Ability is gained through a strong work ethic and the ability to take and act on criticism. It is about using what you have to get better at your sport.

So does it Matter?

Talent does matter in terms of building a base that you can work from, but it is not the most important thing in the world. You have to understand that colleges are not particularly bothered about how good you are when you apply for a scholarship. They want to see your potential. They are trying to assess how good you can be in three or four years. If they do not see that potential, they are not interested.

Moreover, that’s why ability often matters much more than talent. A lazy student with lots of talent is no good to anyone.

Find out more about USA scholarships and students from the experts at United Sports USA. We can show you what colleges look for when handing out scholarships.

You want a USA soccer scholarship and you want to (hopefully) make it to the MLS one day, or even to Europe. You have a long way to go because the fight for a full USA soccer scholarship is one of the most competitive in the world. If you are lacking in any area, you are going to find yourself being left behind. If you want to gain an advantage, you need to train when others are not training.

In other words, you need to train even when you are not in school.

USA soccer scholarship

The Long Summer Off

Most students opting for scholarships have already made their decision years in advance. They have identified a sport they are good at and they are determined to do everything they can to get the scholarship. In the US, every student has a long summer break. This is measured in terms of months not weeks. Taking this long away from the practice field is a sure-fire way of getting rusty.

Furthermore, it is a missed opportunity. Those weeks away could have been spent getting better at what you do. In short, you need to use this time to train because the chances are most of your competition is not using this time to train.

How Should You Train?

If you are serious about this, ask your coach about what you can do to train during this part of the year. Many high school coaches around the US have provided customised programmes for students who want to stay fit and healthy whilst they are away from school. They know your needs best, so it is always superior to getting a ready-made programme from the Internet.

So how should you train? Let us break it down into bite-size pieces:

  • You need to stay fit and healthy. Things such as running and cycling can make sure you do not put on a few extra pounds during the summer break.
  • Join a local team. If you need a local team outside of your school, look and see if there are any groups in your area. They may not play in competitive leagues, but you may gain a few friendly games a week because of it. This will keep you match sharp.
  • Plan your own course. Play with the ball alone. Practice your technical skills.

Work on Your Weaknesses

As well as maintaining what you already have, the summer is the perfect time to work on those little weaknesses you have in your game. Often, it is difficult to do this during a competitive season. The extra time can work out those kinks that are holding you back from winning that full USA soccer scholarship.

Talk to United Sports USA for help on how you should go about planning your summer time off. We can show you how to keep yourself in the best condition and how to improve your game.

Look at any guide on how to win golf scholarships USA and they will talk about how to get your swing in order, what tournaments you need to win to impress, and how to keep fitness levels high. However, none of these things takes priority when it comes to winning USA golf scholarships. You have to do your homework.

Now we know what you are thinking. You’re thinking what homework has to do with anything. It’s not a euphemism for researching colleges. It is literal. Doing your homework is essential for getting what you want, and we are going to explain why.

golf scholarship

You Are Going To College

A college is not a specialist sports camp. It is an academic institution. You are going to spend most of your time studying, writing essays, and agonising over grades. Sports are just a part of it. That’s why colleges consider academic performance as important as your sporting ability. They are not interested in the dumb jock who cannot complete basic mathematics. They want intelligent and physically fit students.

Remember, the academic side is just as important as the sporting side.

What Coaches Think

Every college has a specific minimum grade requirement. If you do not meet this requirement, you will lose your scholarship. It is pointless going through all the hard work of applying for it only to fail because you started slacking in class.

Coaches feel the same way. If they think there is a chance you will not meet the required grades, they will not take a risk on you. They have a limited number of scholarships they can hand out every year. If someone misses out, they have one less student to work with. They want to work with the maximum number of students possible, so do not assume your sporting prowess alone is going to sway them.

If You Can Play, Will They Find You?

This is the old adage that most students used to follow. To an extent, it was true. Grade requirements for sporting scholarships were low and mostly anyone could breeze through. This is not the case anymore. Colleges want excellent sportsmen and women as much as fantastic scholars with a high degree of academic ability. If you can play they might find you, but they will not necessarily want to use you if you do not have the right grades.

In short, learn to manage your grades now. If you are slacking, be willing to spend some extra time on your homework. It may mean putting your golf on the back burner in the meantime, but you will not regret it if it is the difference between getting golf scholarships in the USA and getting nothing.

Need help from the professionals at United Sport USA? Get in touch with us now and we can guide you through the process of obtaining the golf scholarship you want.

The top USA scholarships will set you up for the next few years. You will be able to go to college without worrying about who’s paying for it all. Unfortunately, the students in this position are in the extreme minority. We are sure you want to get into this elite group. To do it, you need to elevate yourself above everyone else. What you need to know about is what these colleges look for.

Of course, they are going to want those who are talented and those with the ability to succeed. You might think these two things are the most important factors. You would be wrong. What colleges want is work ethic.

Top USA Scholarships

Work Ethic – What Gives?

Colleges are aware that not everybody who attends them under some of the top USA scholarships is going to end up in the NFL or the NBA. They understand these stars in the making only appear every so often. Believe it or not, they are not always looking for these stars. A lot of the time, a team needs to have players around the star to make them great.

This does not mean you are subservient to the real stars. Every team at the professional level works like this. You may not turn out to be a star player, and that’s okay. It does not mean you cannot make it to the big leagues and prosper.

For everyone who is not that one-in-a-million player, he or she needs a strong work ethic in order to develop him or herself.

What is Work Ethic?

Work ethic is that which you need to succeed. It is the will to turn up at practice each and every day at the appointed time. Whilst you are at practice, you will give it your all every single time. These are the players that colleges want. They help the team prosper and a strong work ethic is infectious. Colleges always have the overall unit in mind. They are not always thinking of the individual player.

Most sports scholarships are from team sports. The team will always come before the individual. If you develop a strong work ethic, the chances are you have a good shot at some of the top USA scholarships, even if you do not have lots of natural talent.

How Do You Demonstrate Work Ethic?

Work ethic can be demonstrated in a number of ways. To start with, it is going to come from the references you get from your high school coaches. They are going to spend time investigating the references of all applicants. They are going to want to see a near 100% attendance and punctuality rate. Furthermore, they will want to see this same work ethic in your normal classes. Remember, you are not just going to college to play sports.

Another way to demonstrate work ethic is through the videos you send to the colleges. Yes, these are your best highlights, but you can still show what you are made of. For example, you are playing basketball and you lose the ball at one end of the court. A video of you sprinting all the way to the other end of the court just to steal the ball back shows you have good work ethic and you aren’t lazy.

If you need some help with demonstrating work ethic, contact United Sport USA. We can show you just how to do it.

This article will attempt to describe everything you need to consider and understand about football scholarships and successfully getting recruited for college football.

Football scholarships still remain one of the most competitive industries in the world of sports scholarships, however, full scholarships are much more common in football than in any other sport. These scholarships a regulated by the NCAA, which means there is a large emphasis placed on academia and sport.

football scholarship to USA

The majority of prospective footballers find the process of selecting the correct football college and getting noticed by a world-class coach very intimidating. The initial process of attaining a football scholarship to the USA begins with performing well during the recruitment process. The majority of prospective athletes and families perceive that recruiting does not begin until their senior or junior year; however, this is not that case. To get the best players from each recruiting class, football coaches are consistently scouting athletes during their freshman and sophomore years in high school and often much earlier.

As a general rule, football coaches are restricted by law in contacting prospective footballers during early high school. However, they can view online profiles of athletes and watch video of them if this material is available. That is why it is recommended that anyone wishing to develop a footballer career should create an online profile and get there information noticed so that coaches can view early and involve the potential candidate in their decision making process.

Getting involved in the recruitment process

It is generally accepted that high-school student athletes in the USA are at a perceived advantage in comparison to international students for football scholarships. These students will have had a certain degree of exposure to professional coaches before the recruitment process begins.

US-based professional coaches generally have contacts within University programmes and scouts may be able to track up-coming talent easier though news or competitions.

On the other hand, each year, very talented international prospective footballers receive football scholarships to the USA. Whichever avenue students choose to take to engage in the recruitment process, the earlier you begin and the more effort and time which you put in, the more likely you are to achieve success with a football scholarship to USA.

International student athletes have a few options available to them once they decide that they would like to be considered for a sport scholarship to study in the US:

The first option is the “do-it-yourself” approach, contacting university coaches directly to inform them of your interest in their programme and of your talent. For suggested steps for this approach, please see our handout on Sports Scholarships.

The second option is to work with a sport scholarship agency or placement service to connect with US universities actively seeking international student athletes and offering scholarships. These organisations will charge a fee for their assistance, but generally offer a comprehensive service that can make navigating the often complicated recruitment process clearer and offer student access to their network of coaches.

In conclusion, a football scholarship to USA is a dream of many and with the right state of mind, determination and commitment anyone can make it happen. These particular scholarships are very competitive, require training every day and often produce world class players. The best advice is to take advantage of a football scholarship to USA if you can. You’ll improve as a soccer player in an incredibly short period of time and as a person.