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The bond between athletic scholarships and academic performance has always been there. Many capable athletes have missed lucrative full scholarships because their grades were not up to scratch. If you want one of the few NCAA golf scholarships, or a scholarship in any of the other sports available, this year you have to do well in class.

However, what many people do not understand is why golf scholarships in the USA require some evidence of good academic performance.

Sana Tufail

Sana Tufail

The Principle

Colleges place a lot of emphasis on sporting performance, but this is not the primary reason why students are attending college. Even athletes are there to earn a college degree. If a professional team does not pick them up, they need this degree to fall back on. Yes, they will spend a considerable amount of time playing sports, but they will also spend the rest of their time in class.

Athletic scholarships demand evidence that a student could cope with the academic rigours of a college education because otherwise the tuition fees are essentially going to waste. Furthermore, what we have to remember is that college remains a bastion of academia.

Discipline to Perform

Ideally, anyone who earns NAIA golf scholarships will have no problems performing when it comes to golf. Nevertheless, skill will not get you through the collegiate level. It will work in high school because you can breeze through your games without anything more than natural talent and the occasional practice session. The problem is everyone is capable of this in college.

Evidence of academic performance shows coaches that you are a disciplined human being. You are able to juggle two things at once. If you’re able to do both, they’ll see that you have the discipline to give your college education everything you have.

Taking a Risk

In the past, it was not uncommon for a coach to pick up a student on a scholarship with the assumption that they would graduate high school. Without a high school degree, you cannot move on to college. If the player did not make it through high school, the coach’s gamble failed and they were left with a spare scholarship.

Coaches are tired of taking these risks. These days you will not have a chance of winning a scholarship without a solid track record of academic performance. They want to know that you have an almost certain chance of making it into college in the first place.

There are some exceptions to this rule, though. If you are an All-American who happens to be the perfect physical specimen, a coach may make an exception and let you through the process with lesser academic grades. For everyone else, they have to have certain grades.

What are these Grade Requirements?

The academic requirements differ for every school and every college degree course. Carefully look at these requirements before applying, or you will be wasting your time. Contrary to what you might think, they are not going to lift the barrier to let an under-performing student through.

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An athletic scholarship is something that has been forever immortalised as part of the American education system. Whilst some other countries do consider sporting prowess, the American school system is the only system in the world where sporting skill can be taken into account solely for the purposes of a scholarship. If you are unaware of how things like soccer scholarships in the USA work, we are here to show you what it’s all about.

Athletic Scholarship

The Concept of the Scholarship

Most players who participate in the four main sports in the US (American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) are able to do so because they come through their college to play. Practically every team recruits direct from colleges. It is extremely difficult to make it onto a team either from abroad or through not going to college at all.

Scholarships are designed to help get people who don’t have the minds to earn academic scholarships or who don’t have the money to pay for college onto these teams. Typically, college education is prohibitively expensive. It means talents who happen to come from poor families would find it almost impossible to play at a professional level.

What about Academic Requirements

Many people believe that an athletic scholarship relies exclusively on someone’s ability to play football or basketball. This is not the case at all. Most soccer scholarships and football scholarships have an academic prerequisite. Most of the time, this isn’t a specific grade. It is a requirement to graduate from high school. In the UK, everyone graduates from high school regardless of what grades they get, but in the US if you fail to get a minimum grade you will not be allowed to graduate.

Therefore, it’s impossible to get through on sporting prowess alone. Someone who earns a scholarship must have a certain amount of academic intelligence or it can be withdrawn.

How to Get a Scholarship

Athletic scholarships must be applied for formally. Most of the time, students at their current schools are notified by a coach that they may stand a good chance of winning a scholarship. Not anyone can simply apply for a scholarship. They must follow specific procedures to become eligible for one.

Only specific schools can provide scholarships. These are divided into divisions. Only division one and division two schools can offer them. Division one schools are the largest schools, and therefore usually harder to get scholarships for. Division three schools are schools that do not perform at the top collegiate level.

Receiving a scholarship requires some element of luck and some element of timing because competition is fierce. A perfectly able student may fail to get a scholarship one year because of the intense competition on offer, whereas if they had applied a year earlier or a year later they may have sailed through the process.

Overall, each school will have its own set of academic and athletic requirements. Students should turn to their schools for more information on how they can best go about increasing their chances of winning a scholarship.

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Netting an athletic scholarship is incredibly difficult. You can increase your chances of success by going about your business in the right way. If you’re a student athlete, you need to act like a student athlete. Together with the experts at, we are going to go through some of the smart tips every student athlete should use.


Treat it Like a Job

Your job and your goal are to be a student athlete. Treat it like that. Do not act like a little kid who just lounges about the school doing nothing. Schedule every part of the day and make sure it is split between sports and class. Never neglect any aspect or you will soon run into problems. For example, if you skip class you could find yourself having problems academically, which could jeopardise your athletic scholarship.

Telegraph Missed Days

If you need to miss class because of an unscheduled practice, organise this in advance. Missed days can cause real problems for anyone trying to win hockey or soccer scholarships. You should communicate ahead of time by getting in touch with your teacher and figuring out a plan for how you are going to make the time up. If you work with your professor, they are not going to make a fuss over missed days.

Don’t be the Difficulty

No coach wants to have to deal with a disruptive individual in the team. Avoid becoming the sort of person who always irritates everyone else. Do not make a big deal over every bad practice session or every poor refereeing decision. Be an asset to the team. People often gain scholarships simply because they are the sort of person who can boost morale in the team makeup, rather than because they’re the star player.

Personal Branding

Sports are a big aspect of the education system in the US. Everyone knows who you are and everyone will always know what you are up to. High schools and colleges want to see athletes who act as positive role models. Manage your personal brand by making the right decisions when it comes to things like drugs and alcohol. Do not sabotage your own chances.

Show a Plan B

Yes, if you are applying for baseball or golf scholarships, coaches will want to see that you’re committed, but what they will not want to see is someone who hasn’t thought of a plan B. Demonstrating that you do have a plan B will show that you’re a student who can think ahead and plan. These are essential qualities in any student, and they will stand you in good stead.

Many people wrongly believe that by showing they have other interests they will give the impression that they are not fully committed to the cause. This could not be further from the truth. It is a positive aspect and it will make you stand out against the rest of the competition.

If you have academic aspirations, this is even better because you will highlight the fact you have the discipline to juggle two ambitions at one time. are the professionals in helping students win golf scholarships and soccer scholarships. They can teach students how to manage an athletic lifestyle in preparation for their application.

Are you ready to start aiming for that athletic scholarship?

If so, hold up for a second. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about applying for a scholarship. Applying for American golf scholarships with evidence of a few tournament wins might impress your mother, but it is not going to beat out the rest of the competition. Whilst we could write a book on applying for a scholarship, we are going to stick to the quick and simple.

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Here are a number of quick and dirty tips for landing that athletic scholarship.

1. An Outstanding Student

Academic performance is essential. Long gone are the days where basketball and golf scholarships in America could be gained with a high school degree alone. Coaches want to know you are disciplined to handle sports and academia at the same time. They also do not want to take risks on students. If you are at risk of not getting out of high school, they will not take a chance on you.

2. Good Teammate

Coaches want to know that you are going to fit into the team without irritating everyone else. Do not be that guy who whines about every bad refereeing decision or bad shot. Enthusiasm can do a lot to cover for the fact that you aren’t the star prodigy of your state. Be a good teammate and show that you can be a leader. This is often more valuable than personal skill alone.

3. Can’t Do it Don’t Do It

If you are no good at making three-point shots or making trick shots with your hockey stick, don’t do it. All you are doing by showing off to a coach is exposing your weaknesses. Coaches don’t just look at the star players. They look at how everyone else fits in behind the star player.

4. The Little Things

NCAA golf scholarships are not always awarded by your final score. This is something that can be altered later. They search for potential. The little things matter more than scoring. Show how good you are at putting or driving. Demonstrate how you walk up to assess a hole. Illustrate all the qualities you would expect from a sporting professional. It is the little things in your sport that is going to make you stand out.

5. Maximise What You Have

College athletes have to dedicate every day of the year to their sport. Not everyone can be born athletically gifted, but this is no barrier. You do not have to have more skill or more natural talent than the person next to you, although it helps. Maximise what you have by giving it your all. Show to a coach that you are conditioning yourself throughout the whole year.

If you have the discipline to follow a specific programme, a coach is going to be all over you. What people forget is that your performance as a freshman makes no difference to a college. They want to know what sort of athlete you are going to turn into by the time you’re 21. Their goal is to spot what the finished product is not what state the product is in at this moment in time.

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Athletic scholarships are extremely difficult to come by. You have to compete against students from across the nation. Some scholarships, such as baseball and golf scholarships, will only cover a certain amount of your tuition fees. However, this does not mean you cannot be one of the lucky ones who happen to claim a full scholarship. The problem is you have to start by assessing whether you are good enough.

We are going to look at athletic scholarships and how you should go about determining if you are good enough.

Eloise Healey

Eloise Healey


Let’s say someone wants to look into golf scholarships in America. They have won a few tournaments and they have reasonably good scores. They automatically think they are capable of earning one of the lucrative American golf scholarships on offer.

This is the biggest mistake you can make. Everyone has an inflated opinion of how good they are. Winning at a local or a county level is nowhere near the collegiate level. You need to check your ego at the door and compare yourself to the best before deciding if you have a good enough chance of winning a scholarship.

Look at the players at the collegiate level. Go to a game and observe them. Are you capable of playing at that level? If not, an athletic scholarship is not for you.

The Future Not the Present

Applicants focus on what they are doing in the present day. Coaches, on the other hand, focus on what a student could be in the future. Nobody cares how good you are as a fresh-faced 17-year-old. What they care about is how good you are going to be as a hulking 21-year-old. This is why coaches like to see evidence of progress, rather than just flash in the pan statistics.

You need to get yourself into the mind-set of progression. It will help you tailor your application accordingly.

Mental Strength

The difference between a high school athlete and a college athlete is huge. Someone in high school can get away with being good simply because they are physically superior or they’re athletically gifted. They do not really have to worry about nutrition or being a leader. They can get by simply by fitting in with the average. Switch over to college and this is not going to work because everyone is like this.

Coaches look for how a student is going to cope under the intense pressure of playing at the collegiate level. They want to know that the student has the mental strength to push on through adversity. These are some of the best coaches in the world and they can make up for any physical or programming deficiencies. What they cannot do is make someone mentally strong.

Arguably, this is the most important part of the application. You need to figure out a way of showing that you are prepared. In other words, you need to dedicate your life to the sport. You have to think about nutrition, performance, and the little things that make up your sport.

Ultimately, that is the only way you are going to stand out from your peers.

United Sport USA has aided thousands of students in American golf scholarships. They know exactly what you need to give yourself the best chance of getting golf scholarships.

All parents would like to think that they have the next Dan Marino or Zinedine Zidane in their house. However,it is easy to be carried away when someone’s offspring wins a local tournament. Athletic scholarships are a possibility for young sports stars, but they are not easy to get and they aren’t the golden ticket that the media have made them out to be.

It is important to think logically when applying for scholarships for soccer in America, or scholarships for any sport. This is why we are going to give you an insight into some of the things you need to know about scholarships for soccer in the USA.


1. The Odds aren’t Great

138,000 athletic scholarships are available from Division I and Division II schools. This sounds like a lot, but it is not. Look at high school football and you will see that one million boys play it. Yet you will only find 19,500 football scholarships available. Let’s look at track and field in high school for girls. You have 603,000 girls competing for about 4,500 scholarships.

Whether you succeed or not often depend on the year you apply and the competition at that given time. Doesn’t look all that rosy now, does it?

2. The Money isn’t as Much as you Think

An athletic scholarship does not mean everything will be paid for by the college. The average scholarship only makes up about $10,400. There are only four sports offering full scholarships, and these are football, women’s volleyball, and men and women’s basketball. Exclude football and men’s basketball and the average scholarship are only worth about $8,700.

3. The Sliced and Diced Scholarship

It is the job of the NCAA to dictate how many athletic scholarships a sport can offer for Division I and Division II schools. However,there is nothing stopping a coach from slicing up these soccer scholarships in America. A soccer coach could take ten scholarships and split them up into 20 or 30 smaller scholarships in order to bring more athletes to their campus, therefore devaluing every scholarship on offer.

4. Waiting to Be Found

Colleges do have scouting teams, but they only focus on the very best. For everyone who is not a teen prodigy, they have to make themselves visible to their schools of choice. It is always best to introduce yourself through sending an introductory email with various sporting statistics and coaching contacts. This is not presumptuous. Colleges will make the first move if you do this.

5. Guaranteed Scholarships

You do not have to earn a scholarship once for a single year and then you can rest on your laurels for the rest of your college career. No, these scholarships are guaranteed for a single year only. If you are found to not pull your weight after a year, it can be revoked, so you’re left without a college place after your freshman year.

This puts a lot of stress on any student on a scholarship. Whilst they may enjoy sports, they are ultimately there to earn a college degree. Stress over the status of a scholarship can easily act as a big distraction.

United Sports USA have helped thousands of students get scholarships for soccer in the USA. They believe that you have to evaluate the pros and cons of applying for soccer scholarships in America, though.

GLOBEUnited Sports USA, The UK’s leading sports scholarship consultants have now secured sports scholarships for high school leavers or university transfer students from 18 countries spanning 4 continents, Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

These talented youngsters are now full time student athletes at college in America studying from NJCAA to NCAA Division 1 level in 41 different states in the US.

From Ross McKinnon a Glasgow native who received a soccer scholarship in America to New York with Hartwick College to Sana Tufail from Dubai who achieved a golf scholarship in the USA with the University of Tulsa the company are committed to finding the best sporting talent anywhere in the world to help them become student athletes in the USA.


Sana Tufail

Sana Tufail

In Alapabetical order the nations our students have come from are:

Dubai – Sana Tufail, golf scholarship with University of Tulsa

England – Alexander McNally, track and field scholarship to Academy of Art University in California

France – Jean Gnapi, soccer scholarship to USAO

Ireland – Nathan Northcutt, soccer scholarship to Concordia University in Nebraska
India – Avyay Gural, soccer scholarship to St. Francis Univeristy, New York

Italy – Simone Olivia, soccer scholarships leaves 2015

Lebannon – Majed Osman, soccer scholarship to West Virginia University

Namibia – Berlie Yandima, soccer scholarship leaves 2015

Northern Ireland – Scott Close, soccer scholarship to Rose State College, Oklahoma

Norway – Mads Lyngden, soccer scholarship, Radford University, Virginia

Oman – Daniel Watt, soccer scholarship, leaves 2015

Pakistan – Khurram Shazad, soccer scholarship, Young Harris University, Georgia

Poland – Dominika Gradecka, golf scholarship, leaves 2015

Singapore – Luk Ka Ku, soccer scholarship, Genesee CC, New York

Scotland – Connie Jaffrey, golf scholarship to Kansas State University, Kansas

USA – Travis Clolinger, soccer scholarship to USAO, Oklahoma

Wales – Kyle Mickleburgh, soccer scholarship to Southwestern Christian University, Oklahoma.

Kyle Mickleburgh

Kyle Mickleburgh


If you believe you are talented enough to play college sports our top tips are:

1. Be assessed by a professional, we assess every student that applies to united sports usa to gage whether they are competing at a suitable level for college sport.

2. Start early, most students leave it to late to apply to a recruitment company or college, our adivce is plan at least 2 years ahead of leaving high school.

3. Sit the SAT exam more than once, students can get lazy with this aspect of university entry, the higher you score the more options you will give yourself, make sure your study program is right for the exam.

4. Research college sports by viewing events online via college websites or sports media or even visit some universties if you can.

5. Be realsitic with what you plan to acheive, get the correct level of sport and education that suits you needs !

Check out our assessment page on our website for upcoming sporting assessment dates !

If you are a 15-20 year female soccer player who is interested in earning a soccer scholarship in America I am sure you will enjoy this highlight and campus tour videos of NCAA D2  St Leo University, Florida. Head coach Ged O’Connor has been speaking to United Sports Usa’s Andy Newman regarding his recruitment needs for the 2015 Fall Season.

The program are actively seeking additions to help the current squad who are ranked 4th in the Sunshine State Conference in Florida. The SSC Voting seen Rollins College head the conference rankings and are favourites to take the title in 2014/15.

2014 Sunshine State Conference Preseason Women’s Soccer Poll

Rank – Team, Points (1st-place votes) 1 – Rollins, 60 (4) 2 – Barry, 59 (5) 3 – Tampa, 51 4 – Saint Leo, 39 5 – Florida Tech, 38 6 – Florida Southern, 30 7 – Nova Southeastern, 22 8 – Lynn, 15 9 – Eckerd, 10

Coach O’Connor would like to add to the 3 English female soccer players he currently had in his roster, he currently has Rosie Young, an ex student of Balby Carr Academy in Birtley and helped her high school soccer team to the English Schools Under 18 Championship.

Also in the squad are striker  Katie Waddell from Nottingham, England, signed from Doncaster Belles LFC and fellow striker Saffron Jordan who started all 12 games last year scoring 4 goals.

With a strong squad of 25 female soccer players, coach O’Connor top 5 tips for gaining a soccer scholarship in the USA are:

1. Seek professional advice to determine if you are at a suitable level to enter college soccer.

2. Start early, my advice is to begin this journey 2 years in advance of leaving on a football scholarship to the USA. Given the competition it is vital you give yourself the best chance

3. Take the SAT exam as early as you can and more than once. Increasing your SAT score provide you with more option when looking to gain a football scholarship in America.

4. Register for the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers if you want to receive financial aid, be allowed to practice and compete in college soccer you must be cleared to do so by the governing bodies.

5. Be realistic in what you are trying to achieve, it is very competitive to achieve an American University Sports Scholarships and students are applying world wide. Be patient it doesn’t happen overnight.

Good luck in your quest of achieving a female soccer scholarship in America.


Coach O’Connor
St Leo University


Women’s soccer team memebers Kala Faulkner and Sophie Simantel give us a tour of the Women’s soccer facility at Auburn University. The complex was constructed in 1994 with an original capacity of 600 and extended to 1,500 in 1995. Floudlights were added to the the pitch in 2001 and a new drainage system in 2002.

The faciity is one of the college soccer top venues in the America and is regualry used for regional fixtures in the NCAA national tournament. college soccer. Located across the street from the Auburn Athletic Complex, the soccer stadium’s natural turf playing surface is 120 yards long, by 78- yards wide.

The facility includes impressive locker rooms, the soccer teams own physio room, ice baths, hangout room with ping-pong and TV area, and kit room. The team is sponsored by Under Armour and all girls on soccer scholarship are provided with top of the rang football boots and running shoes, along with a multitude of training kit. Check out the video here:

A phenomenal weeks golf seen two of United Sports clients battle it out for one of the most prestigious titles in woman’s golf. Ashburnham Golf Club played host to one of the strongest fields of the year and 5 of United Sports very own were there trying to get their hands on the trophy.

United Sports client and Tulane University golf scholarship recipient Olivia Winning got off to a flying start by shooting an incredible 7 under par round of 67 to lead the field by 4 shots. Eloise Healey also got off to a solid start finishing on +1 to leave her tied 13th. Florida International team member Meghan MacLaren was in the hunt with a round of +4 to sit on Tied 25th. Remaining clients Jemima Gregson and Hollie Vizard sat further back at tied 56th and tied 62nd respectively.

By the end of round two the field were catching up on the leaders. Olivia Winning was still leading the way on -6 but Eloise and Meghan had made ground now sitting at tied 5th and tied 16th respectively. Unfortunately Jemima and Hollie failed to make the cut.

Olivia Winning

Olivia Winning

Meghan turned it on in round 3 with a score of -4 to climb to 6th place. Olivia dropped two shots to sit on -4 but still led the way. Eloise fell down the leader board now sitting at +8.

The final days play was set up for an exciting finish and it certainly did not disappoint. Olivia couldn’t maintain her lead any longer and finished with a round of +4 to end the tournament on level par. This opened the door for Meghan who took the opportunity with both hands by following up her 3rd round of -4 with a final round of -5 to take the title. Eloise finished the tournament at a respectful 23rd out of 100.

Both Olivia and Meghan have been out in the U.S for a year now playing at NCAA D1 universities. It is certainly no coincidence that they both played so well, as they will be experiencing the highest level of golf development programs in America. Playing week in week out with the best players in the world at university tournaments on the best courses has accelerated their growth as players. The biggest names in golf in the last decade have chosen to take the path of American golf scholarships and it has to be seen as the best way to develop as a player and a person.

Meghan MacLaren

Meghan MacLaren

If any young male or female golfer would like to find out how to follow in Meghan and Olivia’s footsteps then contact head golf consultant Jamie Alexander at