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Soccer (Football) Scholarships in America for International Students


How to Get a Football (Soccer) Scholarship to Study in the USA

Becoming a full time student athlete on a soccer scholarship in America (or what we call football) provides you with the unique opportunity of playing full time college soccer while studying towards a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field.US colleges and universities are always looking for fresh, new talent. However, you can’t just sit around and hope that coaches will find you. You need someone familiar with the US athletic scholarship process and with direct contact with coaches.

This is where United Sports USA comes in ! Footballers from all over the UK, Ireland, Europe and Africa have used our athletic scholarship services to enable them to continue their soccer careers after being released from professional clubs and academies/youth teams.

United Sports USA have male and female soccer players all over America. In fact, we have placed students at colleges in 41 states in the USA and have students studying within every governing body who offer college soccer in America. We have students studying in Florida, California, New York to Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Carolina!

We have placed students from 22 different countries world-wide to universities and colleges within the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, USCAA, NCCAA and in 2015 we had players compete at national finals with teams in all the above governing bodies.


Why Use Our Soccer Scholarship Services?

Working with United Sports USA will provide you access to:

  • An extensive network of college coaches
  • Placement at college/university in America
  • Full match footage from our annual Showcase event attended by US coaches
  • Edited assessment match footage for highlight footage package for coaches
  • 4 years of support when you are in America
  • Access to our travel partners for cheaper flights, health & travel insurance and currency benefits.
  • SAT booking, payment and practice material
  • NCAA Eligibility registration assistance
  • NAIA eligibility registration assistance
  • United Sports USA email address
  • Online profile
  • Academic advice and support
  • And much more!


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 Working with United Sports USA

Places on our football/soccer scholarship program are limited to 70 male and 30 female players each recruiting year. The places are based on ability level, academic level, position and age.

At United Sports USA, we understand every client has different criteria when selecting a university or college and want to make sure that we find a university that is in line with your athletic and academic ambitions. United Sports USA prides itself on bespoke marketing strategies which ensure the best outcome for each client. Primarily we promote our clients by sending video footage of their performance to our vast network of American coaches as well as individual assessment of each player. We also hold showcase matches where universities will attend to watch our clients live and identify potential recruits. Over the years, we have developed relationships with head soccer coaches in the USA and come back to us each year looking for new recruits. They know that our student athletes are superior and take notice when we send them a profile, video, or call them to a showcase.

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Why Play Collegiate Soccer in the United States?

Although, collegiate soccer is considerate an amateur, training and playing facilities are extremely professional in nature. There are soccer stadiums with a capacity in excess of 10,000. Some English Premier League clubs have modeled their facilities on training grounds of universities athletic departments.

Further, studying abroad provides many hidden benefits like meeting new friends and adapting to a new culture and climate. Learning how to travel to and from America can be a shock for some teenagers who are traveling away from home for the first time. Even driving in the US can be challenging at first! These challenges ultimately help you grow personally and give you a valuable set of skills which can be applied to your life later, whether it is finding employment or gaining business contacts.

Benefits of studying abroad:

  • More employment options after graduation, in your homeland and the USA
  • Internships with major US companies
  • Personal level of maturity can increase significantly by studying abroad
  • Possibility of working in the USA or playing professionally
  • Logistics, getting from A to B is a highly valued by employers
  • Learn to drive abroad
  • Meeting new life-long friends
  • Meeting a future spouse !


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Being a former student athlete I understand the dedication it takes to be successful at the University level in America.

"That is why we are only looking for boys and girls with a great attitude and that fit the criteria on the field and in the classroom. I know the experience our clients are going to get from a soccer scholarship in America will stay with them well past graduation and I would recommend it to any young person. One of the most satisfying things for me is seeing the progression of our clients through their college careers and keeping up with their results once they get out there."

Fraser Gibson Fraser Gibson

Managing Director, United Sports USA

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