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Football (Soccer) Scholarships and their benefits

Becoming a student athlete provides you with the unique opportunity of playing full time sport and studying towards a degree in your chosen field. The standard of College Soccer in the US is very competitive and continues to produce players of International level who also compete in the world’s top soccer leagues. Clint Dempsey is an example of someone who has come through the college system and went on to play in the English Premier League which is regarded as the best in the world. Also 20 out of 23 players in the USA squad for the 2010 World Cup were college graduates. The USA women's national team is invariable No.1 in FIFA World Rankings and most of the squad would have graduate from universities' soccer programmes. Living and studying in the United States provides a great opportunity to compete against a high standard of players enabling you to strive towards taking your game to the next level.

Another benefit of a being a student athlete is you will be able to earn a degree, so if you have ambitions to become qualified in Law, Medicine, Teaching, Business, Sports, or any other profession becoming a student athlete may be perfect for you.

Although, collegiate soccer is considerate an amateur, training and playing facilities are extremely professional in nature. There are soccer stadiums with a capacity in excess of 10,000. Some English Premier Legue clubs have modeled their facilities on training grounds of universities athletic departments.

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Working with United Sports USA

As a client on our soccer scholarship program, you can be rest assured that United Sports USA will exceed your expectations. We have placed students in 41 states, secured extremely high level funding for our clients and continue to work with our students throughout the entire 4 year process. Places on our football/soccer scholarship program are limited to 50 male and 25 female players each recruiting year. The places are based on ability level, academic level, position and age.

At United Sports USA we understand every client has different criteria when selecting a university or college and want to make sure that we find a university that is in line with your sporting and academic ambitions. United Sports USA prides itself on bespoke marketing strategies which ensures the best outcome for each client. Primarily we promote our clients by sending video footage of their performance to our vast network of American coaches. We also hold showcase matches throughout the year where universities will attend to watch our clients live and identify potential recruits.

Being a former student athlete I understand the dedication it takes to be successful at the University level in America.

"That is why we are only looking for boys and girls with a great attitude and that fit the criteria on the field and in the classroom. I know the experience our clients are going to get from a soccer scholarship in America will stay with them well past graduation and I would recommend it to any young person. One of the most satisfying things for me is seeing the progression of our clients through their college careers and keeping up with their results once they get out there."

Fraser Gibson Fraser GibsonManaging Director, United Sports USA

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