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USA Scholarships and Students – How Much Does Talent Matter?

There is always a big discussion over how far talent can take you. USA scholarships and students have not changed much in the last few decades. The fact is that they are just as competitive as ever before, if not even more so. You have thousands of students competing for a handful of scholarships. This puts you in a difficult position because now you have to look for an edge.

The argument over talent has always been a big one within the subjects of USA scholarships and students. Some think natural talent can take you to the top, whereas others think it is only a tiny part of the package. Let us examine this closely.

What is Talent?

Talent is not what people think it is. Yes, you may hear sports commentators saying that player is so talented. However, it does not mean the player was a born basketball or baseball player. On the contrary, most children start out in exactly the same boat. It is only later on that they start to change. Talent is not an aptitude for a certain sport. It is an aptitude for certain skills. For example, some people have better hand eye coordination than others do.

It just so happens that these people have skills that match specific sports. It gives them a solid base to work from.

Natural Attributes

There are some things people cannot control. Students must have a certain number of natural attributes that match the sport. Basketball is notorious for this. They demand that their players are tall and wiry. If they are short or bulky, it makes it more difficult for them to breakthrough. Coaches often favour students with certain attributes. It may look unfair, but they have their jobs on the line every year. They have to go with what works.

Ability Is Not the Same

If we look at the subject of USA scholarships and students, we can see that many people combine both talent and ability. This is the wrong way to look at it because they are not the same. You can be talented without having the ability and you can have ability without having natural talent.

Ability is gained through a strong work ethic and the ability to take and act on criticism. It is about using what you have to get better at your sport.

So does it Matter?

Talent does matter in terms of building a base that you can work from, but it is not the most important thing in the world. You have to understand that colleges are not particularly bothered about how good you are when you apply for a scholarship. They want to see your potential. They are trying to assess how good you can be in three or four years. If they do not see that potential, they are not interested.

Moreover, that’s why ability often matters much more than talent. A lazy student with lots of talent is no good to anyone.

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