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The Tiger Woods Effect on collegiate golf

Collegiate golf was always an important route to professional golf. However, college golfers had quite a different approach to their development than the rest of the student athletes. Rob Grube of The Stanford golf team speaks about the way they have changed their approach to the sport thanks to alumni Tiger Woods. Preparing for golf season is much more than just a practice on the golf course, a range or a putting green. Great teams such as Stanford’s cardinals now spend time in the strength and conditioning rooms and the gym.

It was a common approach of many golfers to work on their game but not on their body. Until Tiger Woods decided that working on his game is not enough – working on his body affects his game. Now it is getting more and more popular to have an emphasis on the athleticism and physical form for golfer just like any other athletes. And collegiate teams are quick to adopt this approach. Young golf stars have everything their need on the doorstep – there are great facilities already in place. So now we see how college golf becomes more and more like other sports in the university – the sport where athletes sweat to improve their game.

Stanford golf team has another advantage – an access to Tiger who is happy to help the team and answer their questions. He also gives a lot of motivation for the team to step up their workouts. No surprise that Stanford cardinals are always at the top of collegiate golf.


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