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The Off-Season and a USA Soccer Scholarship – How to Gain an Advantage

You want a USA soccer scholarship and you want to (hopefully) make it to the MLS one day, or even to Europe. You have a long way to go because the fight for a full USA soccer scholarship is one of the most competitive in the world. If you are lacking in any area, you are going to find yourself being left behind. If you want to gain an advantage, you need to train when others are not training.

In other words, you need to train even when you are not in school.

The Long Summer Off

Most students opting for scholarships have already made their decision years in advance. They have identified a sport they are good at and they are determined to do everything they can to get the scholarship. In the US, every student has a long summer break. This is measured in terms of months not weeks. Taking this long away from the practice field is a sure-fire way of getting rusty.

Furthermore, it is a missed opportunity. Those weeks away could have been spent getting better at what you do. In short, you need to use this time to train because the chances are most of your competition is not using this time to train.

How Should You Train?

If you are serious about this, ask your coach about what you can do to train during this part of the year. Many high school coaches around the US have provided customised programmes for students who want to stay fit and healthy whilst they are away from school. They know your needs best, so it is always superior to getting a ready-made programme from the Internet.

So how should you train? Let us break it down into bite-size pieces:

  • You need to stay fit and healthy. Things such as running and cycling can make sure you do not put on a few extra pounds during the summer break.
  • Join a local team. If you need a local team outside of your school, look and see if there are any groups in your area. They may not play in competitive leagues, but you may gain a few friendly games a week because of it. This will keep you match sharp.
  • Plan your own course. Play with the ball alone. Practice your technical skills.

Work on Your Weaknesses

As well as maintaining what you already have, the summer is the perfect time to work on those little weaknesses you have in your game. Often, it is difficult to do this during a competitive season. The extra time can work out those kinks that are holding you back from winning that full USA soccer scholarship.

Talk to United Sports USA for help on how you should go about planning your summer time off. We can show you how to keep yourself in the best condition and how to improve your game.