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Student athlete tradition – be part of it!

As we all know golf is steeped in tradition. America knowing all about tradition is one of the largest golfing communities on the planet and also exclusively boasts the student athlete programs through out the country. Find out through this video how one man created so many great players and great people through his teaching methods. He not only taught them how to be champions on the course but also in life. He guided them in the right direction by teaching them key principles and fundamentals that helped them win tournaments and secure US golf scholarships all over the United States. The man who done this is called Fred Haskins. A trophy named after him is now given to the most outstanding collegiate golfer every year and the trophy has some of the greatest names in golf engraved on its plaques.

Find out more about golf scholarships in the USA. Also check student athletes giving a tour of Augusta State Jaguars golf facilities. Top golfers in the UK, Europe and elsewhere are more and more attracted to the opportunities in the US. Whether is the climate, facilities or the level of competition, golfers have a great chance to improve their game. Add on the funding opportunities and a degree (plan B) and you will know why this is a no brainer for many. It was for our client Meghan MacLaren who was enjoying her time as student athlete at Florida International University. You can check her website to see what she’s doing after her four years in America.