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Hockey Scholarship in the USA

Hockey, or field hockey as it is known in the US, might just be your ticket to college. The chance of getting a hockey scholarship is higher for athletes than in any other collegiate sport. You will train at the best facilities in the country with specialized gyms while you’re decked out in premier sporting brands. Plus, you will also get a widely-recognised degree, it’s basically a win-win.

Studying in the US can seem like a scary decision to make. Here at United Sports USA, we believe that stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing things that might seem daunting can lead to the best experience of your life.

All of our sports consultants are ex student-athletes from American Universities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we can start the process together.

Fun Facts

  • Players travel more than 5 miles during the course of a field hockey match.
  • At the 2012 London Olympics, field hockey was the 3rd most spectated sport.
  • College field hockey is a fall sport. Typically, the regular season begins in mid-to-late August and ends in late October, early November. Postseason play often occurs in November.
  • When played on a collegiate level, field hockey games are separated into two halves, each lasting 35 minutes with a seven-minute half time in between.