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Cross Country Scholarship in the USA

Today’s high school athletes are stronger and faster than ever before. This raises the question: do you think you’re up to speed to compete with them? (Pun intended) Do you eat, breathe and sleep running over natural terrain over here in the UK? Why not consider applying for a cross country scholarship, changing up your environment and doing it on muddy American courses?

Running cross country can be difficult and exhausting, so you might as well be doing it surrounded by a great team and world-class coaches, physiotherapists and academic advisors who will all have your best interest in mind. If the thought of competing on a high level and traveling around the US while being a full-time student appeals to you, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you get the process started!

Fun Facts

  • South African runner Zola Bud won two IAAF World Cross Country titles while running barefoot.
  • The first international race was held in 1898 between England and France.
  • Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?