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Soccer scholarships – what are the benefits?

Attaining a soccer scholarships afford you with the possibility of playing full time while you study for your degree. The quality of play in the US is very competitive which means that players of a high calibre climb through the ranks fast.

The benefits of attaining a soccer scholarship are extremely attractive. Earning a prestigious degree in your chosen field of subject while you play sport is one of the main benefits. You will find that there are first-class training facilities, with some stadiums reaching a capacity of several thousands.

The dream is to become a professional soccer player. Ultimately, this requires landing a professional contract, working extremely hard, dedicating yourself to your studies and sporting performance. With soccer scholarships you will find that this is a very competitive area and the majority of young, avid soccer players are not afforded the opportunity to play at a professional level.

By playing soccer at college in the USA this is the best way of pursuing a professional soccer career. Alongside training you will also have the chance to attain a degree in your chosen subject.

Demand for skilled and talented soccer players, for all genders, in the USA, is high. Coaches in America recruit prospective students based on set criteria. This criteria is generally met if the student has a solid foundation and understanding in soccer and strong experience.
The lifestyle of a prospective college soccer scholar is similar to a professional player. Training takes place daily in world class facilities with fully qualified coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists. These specialists are always on hand for mentoring and professional advice. However, It should be kept in mind that throughout training students will be studying academically too.

If you are only in High School, nearing the end of your college career or have recently graduated then a soccer scholarship could provide the next step in your professional career. The aim of soccer scholarships is to flourish skill in talented players who have a strong passion for the game. Just imagine spending your future playing soccer in a major city in the USA. It will help you enhance your skills as a soccer player and as a person. With an abundance of opportunities available for skilled, avid young soccer players in the USA you may be able to take a step closer to becoming a professional athlete or even a professional a sports coach. Soccer scholarships also have the added bonus of attaining an internationally recognised ‘Associate’ or ‘Bachelors’ degree to list on your CV, will definitely boost your professional development.

As mentioned previously, competition for soccer scholarships begin very early, just as much as any other college sport. Therefore, playing club soccer and training in soccer camps is essential in the process of successfully attaining a scholarship. Soccer scholarships do depend on a variety of factors, including the student’s playing ability and academic position, as well as their coaches assigned budget for the season. Therefore, only the best young players will be considered for a scholarship by professional coaches so in a perfect world candidates should have played at an academy or centre of excellence and have strong experience.

If you are considering a soccer scholarship, a 2010 article in “U.S. News & World Report” suggests being realistic and working very hard. This will be the only way to reach your potential and have the opportunity to compete internationally. Contact us for more advice.