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Tennis facilities tour at Penn State

Dorothy Dohanics and Jamie Cox from the Penn State Tennis Team give us a tour of the Sarni Tennis Centre. Giving us a look behind the scenes at the Locker Rooms and Players Lounges. Penn State Lions compete in Big 10 conference within NCAA Division one. As one of the top conferences it guarantees a tough competition. However, as you can see in the video, athletes have a great support and environment to push their game forward. Tennis isn’t an exception. Dorothy and Jamie will prove this.

$2.3 million facility with number of courts can fit 1000 fans. The flood lit courts gives an opportunity for the athletes to practice at late hours. Players also have a lobby room – a social space where the teams meet, discuss their game, prepare for matches or simply hang out and socialise. With the wider infrastructure of largest university in Pennsylvania athletes have access to gyms, physio and other benefits. And of course being part of successful team puts them in the spotlight.

Tennis is a popular and widely watched sport. It is also one of the sports that are very hard to break in. However, college could be a great route for many young athletes to further their game and get a shot at turning pro. With the exposure at universities such as Penn State athletes are at a great starting point when they graduate from university. Still not convinced? Read more about many of the benefits of athletic scholarships in the US. If you think sports scholarship would be a great option for you don’t wait and apply.