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Northern Illinois University athletics celebrate

Northern Illinois University athletics celebrates its four MAC championships in 2011-12 with a spectacular lip dub video in the Yordon Center. The video was first debuted at the third annual NIU Athletics awards show “The Victors” on May 3, 2012. We see athletes from number of different sports taking part. Several teams showing off their hard earned awards while walking through the Yordon Centre.

This video is also a good showcase of the facilities at NIU. Huskies play for NCAA Division I. They compete in Mid-American Conference. Northern Illinois University have 8 men’s and 9 women’s varsity teams.

University athletics is rewarding. It is even more so when you have some shiny trophies to show off. The athletes come together to create this lip dub. NIU Huskies continue to work as a team even after their season is over.

Managing Director of United Sports USA Fraser Gibson received a soccer scholarship at Northern Illinois University. He has enjoyed 4 years playing for Huskies. Fraser has achieved number or awards during his time at NIU. He has been part of conference winning team twice. Fraser also appeared at National Tournament. Now he helps other athletes to achieve their dreams.

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