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A day in the life of a Lynn University student-athlete

Kyle Conrad of the Lynn University Men’s Soccer Team describes a typical day and the men’s soccer programs goals for the upcoming season.

Kyle shows a good example of a normal day of a student-athlete. From lectures to practice, from down time playing Xbox to to supporting female soccer team, from from travelling for games to hanging out with your teammates while having your lunch, student athletes have  a great student life experience at Lynn University. Kyle also talks a lot about his team which is like his family while he is at university. There is also a tight knit community of fellow student athletes who support each other, especially on the game days. The pride of representing your team and your university is a must.

The team has a goal to win a conference championship and win the national championship. With a hard work Kyle and his teammates put in he believes they can achieve those goals. The ambitious team has a great record and often fights for national champions title in NCAA division 2.

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