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Football Scholarships In America – Nurturing Your Child

Football scholarships to America are growing in popularity; many British students are applying for sports scholarships, which will allow them to play the sport they love while also getting an education in one of the top colleges or universities in the States. It is possible to get a full scholarship, in which all fees are covered, or a partial scholarship.

If your child has a talent for soccer and he or she would like to play for an American college, there are a number of ways that you can help to improve his or her chances of being accepted and maybe winning a sport scholarship. Below are a few tips on how to be successful when nurturing your child to apply for soccer scholarships.

  • You may have noticed from an early age that your child has a flair for soccer. If this is the case, it is important to nurture this talent. Spend time with your child in the park and allow him or her to develop their skills with a ball. As with all things, practice makes perfect so let your child spend his or her spare time playing soccer and enrol them in one of the many soccer programmes that begin at primary school age. The more time a child devotes to a sport, the better he or she will become at it.
  • Impress upon your child the importance of studying. Football scholarships in America are awarded to students who have a talent for the sport but who also get good grades. The purpose of the scholarship is to allow students to play their favourite sport for the college or university, while also studying for a degree at the same time. These scholarships will only be awarded to students who perform well academically and who have a talent for soccer.
  • Encourage your child to sign for a local football team and to play for the school team too. Playing for a team allows your child to learn about the game and to play with others. It will also mean that they will develop a position in which they excel. Most soccer teams will belong to a particular league where they will play competitive games. They may also play cup matches in which they will compete for a specific trophy. These matches develop a healthy attitude to competition and this will help your child to become a better player. Soccer scouts will visit some tournaments and this could give your child a chance to be noticed.
  • Speak to the coaches of your child’s team and express your desire for him or her to apply for a soccer scholarship. The coaches may be able to help with any application and may know the right people to speak to. Word of mouth is a great way to become noticed, so make your feelings known to whoever may have some sway.
  • Summer soccer camps are also a great idea. Not only will they allow your child to develop his or her skills, they may also be the place recruiters search out top talent.
  • Do your research on the colleges and universities in the States that give scholarships. Find out their criteria as early as possible so that you and your child know what needs to be done.
  • Submit the soccer scholarship application as soon as possible. The earlier you get the application process started, the less stressful it will be. To make it easier, it might be a good idea to engage the help of a sports scholarship placement agency such as United Sports USA.

United Sports USA works with students from all over the UK. We can help to make the application process easier and can help to take the hassle and stress out of your hands. Contact us today for more information, help and guidance on how to nurture your child’s talent.