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How good do I need to be for football scholarship?

Almost every football player, no matter at what level, has asked themselves if they were good enough at some point. It’s no surprise that the vast majority of those considering a football scholarship; ask how good they have to be to get one. It’s a legitimate question, and we’re going to try to answer it.

The truth is that how good you have to be tends to vary from college to college, institution to institution. However there are some guidelines you can use to assess whether you have enough football experience under your belt and whether you’re playing at a high enough level to qualify.

Do Some Research of Football Scholarship

As we’ve said, different organisations have different requirements for their football scholarships. Take a look through different colleges and scholarship funding organisations to see if they list their preferred requirements. Also think about where you would like to study the degree of your choice. It’s important that you search for a college that caters to both your academic goals and your sports goals.

If you find a scholarship that coincides with that college you would like to study in, note down their requirements and realistically consider whether you have what it takes to qualify.

Have Experience with a Football Club

It’s probably very obvious, but the more years of experience you have playing with a local club, the better. Scholarship organisations take club experience very seriously and the longer you’ve been playing, especially from a young age, the more likely you will be seriously considered.

Any experience of football showcases or camps will also work in good stead when applying for a football scholarship. If you plan on applying for a football scholarship in the future, be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities like camps and showcases. They will increase your chances of securing a football scholarship; they will also convey that you possess the skills necessary to qualify.

Play in Football Tournaments

Playing a few tournaments a year can help in catching the attention of college football coaches and scholarship funding organisations. If you’re already playing in football tournaments as part of a club, this is a good indicator of progressing towards being football scholarship material.

Taking part in football tournaments is a great way to up your chances; however you should still be taking any other opportunities that come your way, such as showcases and training camps.

Compile Your Strengths & Best Moments

If you feel confident that you can show coaches and organisations you best football moments and convey your strengths and abilities then this is a good sign. When it comes to football scholarships, it is all about selling your skills. You could be the best player in the world, but it won’t get you a scholarship. You have to provide coaches with any evidence.

It’s important to organise a plethora of football experiences to show organisations, as these are what will get you in the door. When it comes down to it, if you can show people how much you have accomplished and how skilled you are, then it’s definitely worth inquiring about receiving a football scholarship.

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