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David Weir explains the sports scholarship benefits

Scotland Internationalist and Glasgow Rangers FC Captain David Weir talks about his time in the USA as a student athlete and the benefits for youngsters looking to follow the same route. He names a lot of obvious sports scholarship benefits such as training and facilities, the level of competition, but also points out to the benefits coming from the difference of American Collegiate Sports System comparing to the environment where most of European athletes develop. David outlines how the development as an athlete at American university is more controlled and is sheltering the young players.

Weir also sees the benefits of the exposure to different culture. Travelling, seeing a bit of the world and standing on owns two feet is an important ingredient in his experience as student athlete. Still playing professionally at the age of 39 he thinks that his time in the US contributed to his success. He would be glad for his children to have the same opportunity.

David sees the system in the UK as a compromise where players have to choose one or the other at very early age. Hence, among undeniable sports scholarship benefits is the possibility to do both education and sport.

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