What Coaches Want

Since college recruiting is now a global process, coaches now look further afield for student-athletes. While some college coaches are looking for the prototypical athlete, big, strong, & fast, most coaches are simply looking for student-athletes that are :

1) - Good athletes
2) - Good athletes at their particular sport
3) - Good academic students
4) - Interested in their college, and last but not least
5) - A good person.

United Sports assesses each candidate honestly and objectively, and determines your athletic, academic and social needs.

Coaches are looking for players that have both the determination and ability to play at the college level, and will succeed academically. Some coaches may sacrifice academic achievement when recruiting athletes, however it is important for a coach to know that you can gain admission to their university on your academic merits and you have the discipline to do the academic work that is required for your course.

Many aspiring student-athletes concentrate too much on athletics and think their athletic skill is enough to gain admission to college and get them a sports scholarship. While all schools have different criteria for admittance, if your academic achievement is insufficient to gain acceptance, it will not matter how good an athlete you are.

As far as athletic ability is concerned, coaches simply want student-athletes that want to compete at the next level and have displayed a passion and desire to play their chosen sport. You don't have to be the strongest, or the biggest, or the tallest athlete to succeed in college depending on the level you choose, but you have to be better than the majority of the high school athletes you compete against.

“The more you play, and the better the competition, the better you will become and the more exposure you will gain.”

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