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Track and Field is regarded as the most competitive discipline within collegiate sport where standards vary from State to Olympic level.


America boasts some of the finest athletes and world class facilities on university and college campuses. Universities and colleges invest a huge amount in facilities, coaching and all necessary background support for student-athletes to reach their full potential.

At weekly meets student-athletes compete against other universities and colleges and athletes who have been recruited from around the world to ensure a highly competitive environment. Each university and college team will have a specific number of athletes for each sport, however only some will make the travel team to compete. This ensures that every training session is competitive to help you improvement on a daily basis.

The climate within the USA allows student-athletes to train in better weather conditions to that of the UK. America does experience adverse weather conditions; however, state of the sports indoor facilities give student-athletes the opportunity to train all year round.

Why not follow in the footsteps of Peterborough sprinter Alexander McNally who left in 2013 to attend The Academy of Art in San Francisco in California or:

JP Williamson from Ireland who attends Lyndsey Wilson in Kentucky and making a major impact for the university at national level.

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Track & Field

I moved from Peterborough in 2013 to attend The Academy of Art in San Francisco in California to become and student athlete, I am a sprinter and study photography. I can honestly it say coming out here has been the best decision of my life so far. From training in the cold, wet miserable UK weather to the climate I now enjoy in California is night and day. The training, competition and facilities are magnificent and are so professional compared to what I experienced back home.

I would advise any athlete to investigate the opportunity with united sports usa because it really has been life changing for me.

Alexander McNally, Academy of Art, San Francisco, California

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