Swimming Scholarships

Swimming scholarships in the USA represents one of the best options for high school students currently studying and training in the UK. At present the UK only has 22 Olympic sized swimming pools for aspiring young Olympians to train in. There are currently over 500 swimming programs on offer in the USA, all of which boast an Olympic sized pool and first class diving facilities for their student-athletes.

Student-athletes seeking a swimming scholarship in America will meet some of the toughest training schedules in sport. The gruelling schedule includes; early starts in the pool, followed by university or college classes, land sessions, evening sessions and competitions. It is little wonder that The University of Michigan produced such a decorated Olympian as Michael Phelpes through this process.

American coaches are looking for swimmers who are capable of competing over different distances and in some cases strokes. Versatility is the key in the NCAA dual meet format where athletes can swim in numerous events and relays. Versatility is highly prized by smaller teams that struggle to fill lanes during dual meets giving athletes more opportunities to compete in different diciplines. Larger teams can be much more selective and recruit more stroke specialists.

American universities teams compete regionally and nationally, however the competition for travel places on the squad starts at practice. To make the team athletes will compete against team-mates on a daily basis in order to make the travel squad. This ensures that every session is vital to each athlete; it provides them with in-house competition adding to their competitive edge.

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