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How to book a soccer assessment?

If you are looking for a soccer scholarship in America you have to play at one of our assessment matches so we can evaluate your football ability, fitness and knowledge of your position. More information about our assessments are here.

Soccer players can book the assessment online. Please keep in mind that we have limited amount of spaces and the earlier you book the assessment the better chance you will be playing in the starting line-up. Below are step-by-step guidelines.


Step 1: Start your application

Step 2: Fill in the basic information about yourself

Do not forget to select your sport and gender!

Step 3: Give us more information about yourself

Do not forget to select your preferred position(s).
The graduation date is the when you have/will finish your high school/sixth form/college (whichever is the latest).

Step 4: Book your assessment

Once you submit your personal information you will be able to book your assessment.

Step 5: Select the match you would like to attend

Click on the blue "i" icon to find more information about the match, venue and times. You can also find more information (including location maps) under the Assessment section.

Step 6: Complete the checkout

Check you can attend the match on the date selected.

Agree with Terms and Conditions.
Select the payment option and continue with the checkout.

Please note that if you select cash/cheque option you have to post it to our office in Glasgow:

United Sports USA
11 Clairmont Gardens
Glasgow G3 7LW

Make the cheque payable to United Sports USA Ltd. We will confirm your booking once receive your payment.


If you need your password to be reset or if you have any issues booking your assessment please email to admin@unitedsportsusa.com.

For more information about sports scholarships, please contact us or    Apply Now

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