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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by students and parents about getting sports scholarships in America.

If we have not answered your questions, please, contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Q: What age do I need to be to get a sports scholarship in America?

A: Given how competitive sports scholarships in America are, we would advise you to begin the process 2 years before leaving high school. The process from your initial application to starting your scholarship can take anywhere between 6-24 months depending on your sport and ability level. Typically our undergraduate students are 15-19 years old. Transfer or post-graduate students from 19-22 years old.

The maximum age to apply to United Sports USA (if you are not in university) is 19. However, if you are already studying towards your bachelor’s degree, there is a possibility for you to gain a sports scholarship while studying towards the Master’s degree in United States.


Q: What is the process of getting a sports scholarships in America?

A: The process of getting a sports scholarship in the United States can vary depending on your sport, age, country of origin, and other factors. However, here are the steps that are generally followed in the sports scholarship process.

Step 1: The Application
Complete our free online application form to register your interest with United Sports USA. This will enable our staff to process your inquiry promptly and to provide you with initial information regarding sports scholarships in America. We will contact you if we require any additional information to process your application.


Step 2: The Assessment Process
If your application is accepted we will carry out a sporting and academic assessment which will allow our staff to identify your eligibility to gain scholarship funding.

Sporting assessments vary for each sport. If you are a male or female soccer player, you will be able to book your soccer assessment via our website at the end of the registration process.

If you take part in an individual sport such as golf, swimming or other athletics, we will contact you to arrange an assessment.

We will also assess your academic credentials to allow us to determine your academic eligibility


Step 3: Decision Time
At United Sports USA we offer limited places on our scholarship program for each sport. We must be certain that all student athletes meet our high standards prior to being accepted to our sports scholarships program. From 2009 to now, all our clients have attracted funding from US college/university coaches.

There are three possible outcomes at this stage:


* ACCEPTED - You have met our sporting and academic criteria and have achieved a place on the United Sports USA program. All relevant paperwork will be issued at this stage. The decision is then yours to decide to work with us.


* RE-TRIAL - You have not met our acceptance criteria. However, our staff may feel a 2nd assessment maybe worthwhile. This may be due to inclement weather conditions, injury, illness, etc...


* UNSUCCESSFUL - Unfortunately we do not believe you will attract sufficient funding to make this a realistic option for you and will not be able to offer you a place on our program.


Step 4: Being a United Sports USA client
As a United Sports USA client you will already be ahead of the competition to attract scholarship funding from American university coaches in your chosen sport.


Our role is to best prepare you to maximize your scholarship funding within the following governing bodies; NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, USCAA. Our scholarship program is tailored to suit you and your family’s needs.  We achieve this by providing you with:

  • Dedicated staff to guide you through the whole process from start to finish.
  • SAT Exam registration booking, preparation advice, study program, exam requirements.
  • NCAA and NAIA eligibility centre registration advice and guidance.
  • HD media footage of your athletic performance.
  • Fitness and dietary advice
  • Specific promotion to American Universities and Colleges.
  • Negotiation of scholarship offers.
  • Visa assistance.
  • Access to STA Travel our travel partners for discounted student flights and health and travel insurance.

Step 5: Client Life in the USA and Graduation
Once you leave for America on a sports scholarship, the team at United Sports USA will continue to be a point of contact for you should you require any assistance. We understand that this is a big move for our clients and want them to know that they can still come to us for advice or support during their studies.


United Sports USA also offers former clients the opportunity of summer placements and internships at our Glasgow office and are approached by a number of Head Coaches who are seeking Graduate Assistant Coaches for students who complete their 4 years and want to continue their education.


Q: What Happens If I do not settle in America?

A: Not every student in America will settle in well in America. This can be due to various reasons such as homesickness, injury, lack of form, inability to adopt to culture or climate, or maybe academically a student struggles with course work. If this is the case, we would advise the student to complete year 1 to allow them to transfer back to a UK university.


Q: What options do I have if I want to come home or transfer to another college/university?

A: If you plan to come home due to any of the above reasons, our advice is to complete year 1 at university in the USA before doing so. The main reason is you can transfer the credit back to a university in your home country and resume the course in year 2 rather than start all over again in year 1.

It also keeps the option open to return to the States should you wish return at any stage.


Q: How good do I need to be to get a football scholarship?

A: Almost every football player, no matter at what level, has asked themselves if they were good enough at some point. It’s no surprise that the vast majority of those considering a football scholarship ask how good they have to be to get one. It’s a legitimate question, and we’re going to try to answer it. Click Here to Read More...


Q: Why Choose a Soccer Scholarship in the USA?

A: Embarking on a degree of your choice through a soccer scholarship in the USA opens up a host of opportunities for talented young athletes to reach their full potential. It also allows talented people to experience life in the United States while pursuing and achieving their academic and athletic goals simultaneously. Click Here to Read More...


Q: What are the Benefits of a Sports Scholarship in America?

A: If you have ever considered studying abroad then you may be interested to know that one way to do this is with a sports scholarship. American colleges and universities offer many opportunities for sports scholarships every year and they are not just open to students from the USA. Many internationals students are studying for degrees in the States while playing the sports that they love with funding awarded by the particular university they are attending. That alone is a great reason to get an education in America, but are there any other benefits to studying in the States? Click Here to Read More...


Q: How Do I Apply for a Sports Scholarship?

A: When applying for a sports scholarship, such as golf scholarships in America for instance, it is important to take the time and put in the effort required to ensure your success. These scholarships are typically awarded to the applicants who have put in the most effort, so it really is in your own hands. Those who assess the applications can tell whether it has been composed poorly and will judge it accordingly. If you are sloppy with your application, then it will more than likely be eliminated in the first round of assessments. Click Here to Read More...


Q: How Do I Prepare my Child for a Football Scholarship?

A: If your child has a talent for soccer and he or she would like to play for an American college, there are a number of ways that you can help to improve his or her chances of being accepted and maybe winning a sport scholarship. Click Here to Read More...


Q: What Other Key Things Should I Do When Trying to Win a Golf Scholarship?

A: Look at any guide on how to win golf scholarships USA and they will talk about how to get your swing in order, what tournaments you need to win to impress, and how to keep fitness levels high. However, none of these things takes priority when it comes to winning USA golf scholarships. You have to do your homework. Click Here to Read More...


Q: How Can I Gain An Advantage in Winning a Soccer Scholarship?

A: You want a USA soccer scholarship and you want to (hopefully) make it to the MLS one day, or even to Europe. You have a long way to go because the fight for a full USA soccer scholarship is one of the most competitive in the world. If you are lacking in any area, you are going to find yourself being left behind. If you want to gain an advantage, you need to train when others are not training. Click Here to Read More...


Q: How Much Does Talent Matter?

A: There is always a big discussion over how far talent can take you. USA scholarships and students have not changed much in the last few decades. The fact is that they are just as competitive as ever before, if not even more so. You have thousands of students competing for a handful of scholarships. This puts you in a difficult position because now you have to look for an edge. Click Here to Read More...


Q: What are Some Tips for Securing a Football Scholarship?

A: Football scholarships still remain one of the most competitive industries in the world of sports scholarships, however, full scholarships are much more common in football than in any other sport. These scholarships a regulated by the NCAA, which means there is a large emphasis placed on academia and sport. Click Here to Read More...


Q: What are Colleges Looking for in a Sports Scholarship Candidate?

A: Of course, they are going to want those who are talented and those with the ability to succeed. You might think these two things are the most important factors. You would be wrong. What colleges want is work ethic. Click Here to Read More...

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