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We receive a lot of inquiries with a different questions about sports scholarships in the USA so we have compiled the answers for the most frequent ones.

If we have not answered your questions, please, contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Am I too young/old?

The sooner you start the process the better as it gives our staff the best chance to source the best scholarship for you. The process from your initial application to starting your scholarship can take anywhere between 9 months to 2 years. The minimum age to become our client is 15.

The maximum age to apply to United Sports USA (if you are not in the university) is 19. However, if you are already studying towards your bachelor’s degree there is a possibility for you to gain a sport’s scholarship while studying towards the master’s degree in United States.


The Process

Step 1: The Application

Complete our online application form to register your interest with United Sports USA. This will enable our staff to process your enquiry promptly and to provide you with initial information regarding sports scholarships. We will give will give you a call if we will need any additional information to make our decision.

Step 2: The Assessment Process

If your application is accepted we will carry out a sporting and academic assessment which will allow our staff to identify your eligibility to gain significant scholarship funding.

The athletic/sporting assessment process is different for each sport. If you are a soccer player you will be able to book your assessment at the end of the registration process. If you do any of the individual sports such as golf or swimming we will contact you to arrange the assessment conducted by one of our colleagues who specialises in a particular sport.

We will also assess your academic credentials to date.

Step 3: Decision Time

At United Sports USA we offer limited places on our scholarship program for each sport. We must be certain that all athletes meet our high standards prior to being accepted to ensure our clients will attract funding, coach interest and are personally driven to be successful in the high pressure environment of American collegiate sport.

There are three possible outcomes at this stage:

* Accept - You have met our sporting and academic criteria and have achieved a place on the United Sports USA program. All relevant paperwork will be issued at this stage. The decision is then yours to decide to work with us.

* See Again - You have not met our acceptance criteria, however our staff may feel a 2nd assessment maybe worthwhile, this may be due to inclement weather conditions, injury, illness etc...

* Unsuccessful - Unfortunately we do not believe you will attract sufficient funding to make this a realistic option for you and will not be able to offer you a place on our program.

Step 4: Being a United Sports USA client

As a United Sports USA client you will already be ahead of the competition to attract scholarship funding from American university coaches in your chosen sport. Our job is to best prepare you to maximise your scholarship funding at the highest sporting and academic level possible. Our scholarship program is tailored to suit you and your family’s needs.  We achieve this by providing you with:

  • A dedicate member of our team who will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. They will develop the plan of action to complete your profile, make it attractive to the coaches oversees.
  • SAT Exam registration complete with an advice, information on different studying materials.
  • NCAA and NAIA eligibility centre registration advice and guidance.
  • HD media footage of your athletic performance.
  • Fitness and dietary advice
  • Specific promotion to American Universities and Colleges.
  • Negotiation of scholarship offers.
  • Help getting the visa amd step by step guidance in the process.
  • Access to our travel partners discounted student flights and health insurance.

Step 5: Client Life in the USA and Graduation

Once you leave for America on a sports scholarship the team at United Sports USA will continue to be a point of contact for you should you require any assistance. We understand that this is a big move for our clients and want them to know that they can still come to us for advice or support during their studies. United Sports USA also offers former clients the opportunity of summer placements and internships at our Glasgow office and are approached by a number of Head Coaches who are seeking Graduate Assistant Coaches for students who complete their 4 years and want to continue their education.


What Happens If I do not settle in America ?

Not every student in America will settle in America this can be due to various reasons, homesickness, injury, lack of form, can't adopt to culture or climate or maybe academically a student struggles with course work.

What options do I have if I want to come home or transfer to another college/university ?

If you plan to come home due to any of the above reasons, our advice is to complete year 1 at university in the USA before doing so. The main reason is you can transfer the credit back to a uiversity in your home country and resume the course in year 2 rather than start all over again in year 1.

It also keeps the option open to return to the States should you wish return at any stage.


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