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Top Tournaments for College Golf Recruiting

Golf tournaments and events are great places to get noticed by college recruiters and win scholarships. Most Division 1 college golf coaches will attend 10 to 12 junior tournaments each year looking for new players for their teams. This is actually a very small window of opportunity to get noticed by college coaches in person, and most golfers aren’t going to be able to attend every major event. So, you want to make sure you attend the golf events which have a high number of golf recruiters in attendance.

Here are the top golf tournaments you should try to attend if you want to be noticed by college recruiters.

top golf recruiting tournaments


1. The Tournament Which Your Top School’s Coach Is Attending

If you are serious about playing collegiate golf, then you will want to make a list of top golf universities that you would like to attend. Contact the golf coaches or assistant coaches at these universities. Introduce yourself, include your CV and highlights video, and ask which tournaments the coach will be attending. Then, make sure to be at these tournaments.


2. AJGA Tournaments

The American Junior Golf Association is by far the best place to get noticed by college golf recruiters. Since college golf coaches only have a limited time to recruit, this is where they will spend there time. Some of the top AJGA tournaments include:

  • Rolex Tournament of Champions
  • Thunderbird International Junior
  • CBI Boys Championship
  • Polo Golf Junior Classic

You can find a complete schedule of AJGA tournaments here.


3. PBE Tournaments

If you want to compete in AJGA tournaments, you have to qualify first. The AJGA uses a Performance Based Entry system (PBE). The PBE system recognizes achievements at other golf events and uses these to assign players “status.” At the AJGA website, you can find information about how the PBE system works, and a map of PBE tournaments. Many of these PBE events may be attended by golf recruiters, especially if the event is in the state of the college you wish to attend.


4. European Golf Association Tournaments

If you are an international student looking for a gold scholarship in the USA, it may be difficult for you to travel to the USA to compete in golf tournaments. Unfortunately, college golf coaches rarely (if ever) travel abroad to recruit. They simply don’t have the budget for it.   Don’t let this discourage you though. Ranking well in European and international tournaments will help you get the attention of recruiters. Make sure you capture your performance in video to include in your highlight video and it won’t matter so much that they didn’t see you in person. EGA tournaments are a great place to build your status as a junior golfer. Some of the top ranked EGA tournaments include:

  • European Young Masters
  • European Boys Team Championship
  • European Girls Team Championship


5. English Golf Union

As the governing body of amateur golf in England, EGU events are important for UK golfers who want to build up their status and get the attention of college recruiters in the USA. Some of the top EGU events for junior golfers include:

  • Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters
  • Duke of York
  • The Carris Trophy
  • McGregor Cup


6. Local Events

Don’t get so focused on rankings and college recruiting that you forget the real reason you are at the event: to play golf. Participate in local events and work on improving your game, demeanour, and professionalism. Remember, college golf recruiters aren’t just looking at your stats. They want to make sure you are a mature player capable of playing in a variety of situations and who has a true love of the game.


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