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The Key to Winning Golf Scholarships USA – Do Your Homework!

Look at any guide on how to win golf scholarships USA and they will talk about how to get your swing in order, what tournaments you need to win to impress, and how to keep fitness levels high. However, none of these things takes priority when it comes to winning USA golf scholarships. You have to do your homework.

Now we know what you are thinking. You’re thinking what homework has to do with anything. It’s not a euphemism for researching colleges. It is literal. Doing your homework is essential for getting what you want, and we are going to explain why.

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You Are Going To College

A college is not a specialist sports camp. It is an academic institution. You are going to spend most of your time studying, writing essays, and agonising over grades. Sports are just a part of it. That’s why colleges consider academic performance as important as your sporting ability. They are not interested in the dumb jock who cannot complete basic mathematics. They want intelligent and physically fit students.

Remember, the academic side is just as important as the sporting side.

What Coaches Think

Every college has a specific minimum grade requirement. If you do not meet this requirement, you will lose your scholarship. It is pointless going through all the hard work of applying for it only to fail because you started slacking in class.

Coaches feel the same way. If they think there is a chance you will not meet the required grades, they will not take a risk on you. They have a limited number of scholarships they can hand out every year. If someone misses out, they have one less student to work with. They want to work with the maximum number of students possible, so do not assume your sporting prowess alone is going to sway them.

If You Can Play, Will They Find You?

This is the old adage that most students used to follow. To an extent, it was true. Grade requirements for sporting scholarships were low and mostly anyone could breeze through. This is not the case anymore. Colleges want excellent sportsmen and women as much as fantastic scholars with a high degree of academic ability. If you can play they might find you, but they will not necessarily want to use you if you do not have the right grades.

In short, learn to manage your grades now. If you are slacking, be willing to spend some extra time on your homework. It may mean putting your golf on the back burner in the meantime, but you will not regret it if it is the difference between getting golf scholarships in the USA and getting nothing.

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