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How to Get Noticed by College Golf Recruiters

You are golfing a 72 average on courses over 6800 yards, finishing at the top in national and regional golf events, and golfing in high ranking junior events. This is impressive and could certainly earn you a college golf scholarship in the USA. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that simply being a good golfer is enough to get noticed by college golf recruiters.

There are many talented young golfers all around the world who would like to play collegiate golf in America. College golf recruiters simply don’t have the time to look at them all, and they don’t have the budget to attend every major tournament. It is easy for a talented golfer to get overlooked by scouts. This is especially true with international golfers looking to get scholarships because coaches virtually never travel abroad to look for talent.

If you want to get noticed by college golf recruiters, it is up to you to take the initiative. Here is what you should be doing to make sure you get noticed and don’t miss out on a golf scholarship in the USA.

college golf recruiters


Start Early

NCAA rules prohibit coaches from contacting athletes before their junior year. However, athletes are still allowed to make contact with coaches at anytime.   Many players already have made verbal commitments to colleges by their sophomore year.

Most top Division 1 golf universities have already signed one (if not all) of their players before the players complete junior year. If you are already in your junior year, you might find there aren’t many slots open to you anymore.

Another reason to start early is that it gives you enough time to learn the college recruitment process, and to get your grades and game in order. You can keep college golf coaches updated with your progress. Seeing how you have improved over the years can win coaches over so they offer you scholarships.


Your College Golf Marketing Package

You will need to reach out to college coaches directly, such as through emails or during campus visits. When you do, make sure you have an impressive marketing package ready to give them. Your golf marketing package should include:

  • A golf highlight video
  • A golf-specific CV
  • A letter of introduction


Get the Timing Right

So, you’ve reached out to a college golf coach and think that you’ve made a good impression? Well, now it is up to you to make sure the golf coach doesn’t forget about you!

Since you’ve (hopefully) started the college golf recruiting process early, you will likely have a lot of improvements to tell the coach about. Send out a new letter of introduction each year to golf coaches at colleges you are interested in.   When meeting with the college coaches in person (whether at a campus tour or at a golf event), make sure to follow-up with a thank you letter.


Make a Good First Impression

Having impressive golf stats is important, but ultimately coaches are signing up players. That means they are interested in the total package – how well you can handle stress, how well you will represent the team, how mature you are…

The first thing to remember with making a good impression is to always dress appropriately. Golf clothes are fine when meeting college coaches at events, but make sure you wear appropriately nice clothes during campus tours and any other meetings or interviews.

You should also practice talking to the coach. You should be able to:

  • Articulate why you want to play college golf, and why you want to play golf at that particular college.
  • Talk about what your goals are, both in the short term and long term, and for golf and academics.
  • Talk about your strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, be sure to have questions ready for the golf coach when you meet. Do your research ahead of time so the questions are relevant. Asking questions shows the coach that you are serious about collegiate golf, are mature, and would be a good asset to the team.


Seek Help from a Golf Scholarship Recruiter

The college golf scholarship process is complex and confusing. Rather than trying to navigate through it yourself (and possibly making a mistake which could cost you a scholarship), you might consider professional scholarship services.

Golf scholarship recruiters will first give you a golf assessment to determine whether you are eligible for a golf scholarship, and at what level you should be aiming. Then they can help you get your CV in order and make you a professional highlight video.

Another major benefit of working with scholarship recruiting services is that they have direct lines to college coaches. This is something that athletes do not have. Further, the NCAA rules prohibit coaches from contacting golfers before their junior year. A loophole to this rule though is that the college coach can contact the golfer through someone else – like the recruiting specialist.  This gives you even more access to coaches, putting you ahead of the competition for golf scholarships.

To learn more about the golf scholarship process and see if you qualify, contact United Sports USA.

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