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What sports scholarship services does United Sports USA offer?

We work with young male and female athletes in golf, soccer, athletics and swimming.


How I am I assessed?


Students looking to achieve a golf scholarship in America will meet with our head golf consultant. A one-on-one assessment will be orgainized that could include a practice or competition day event or 9 holes or 18 holes at your home course or a United Sports USA course. For more information please contact us directly at golf@unitedsportsusa.com


Students aiming to receive a soccer scholarship in America will be assessed at one of our soccer assessment venues around the UK. To book the assessment please apply online.

Students will be assessed on; ability level, fitness, athleticism, positional awareness, spatial awareness, attitude, communication skills, skill level, ball control, passing, handling, throwing, save making, decision making etc..


Students wishing to gain track and field scholarships in America should apply online and complete the application form including the event times/distances/heights.

Alternatively, you can contact us at admin@unitedsportsusa.com and request a blank athletic curriculum vitae to complete to allow our staff to review your times/distances and compare to American college standards for scholarship. We will compare your results with qualifying requirements as well as average and best results in each division and tailor your promotion accordingly.


Students who are striving to gain swimming scholarships in America can apply online completing the form with times for all events they compete in. You can also contact us at admin@unitedsportsusa.com to request a blank swimming resume to help our staff research whether you are competing at a suitable level to achieve a swimming scholarship in America.


Does United Sports USA staff notify students of whether their application has been accepted or not?

Golf students will be notified on the assessment day whether they are suitable candidates or not, or the levels they need to reach to be considered. This could be because of age, academic achievements, SAT scores or golfing ability.

We will provide feedback to the student and the family to provide an understanding as to why a certain decision has been taken.

Soccer students will be notified of our decision 2 to 3 days after the match. Our soccer staff assess students as they play and also review footage of the match in the days after the assessment before contacting all players to notify them of our decision. Decisions will be that the player is accepted, rejected or that we wish to see them play again.

Swimming students will be notified of our decision during a meeting with our swimming staff and parents.

Athletic/Track & Field students will be notified of our decision during a meeting with our athletic staff and parents.


Where are our assessment held for each sport?

We hold assessment dates in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland, Bristol, Yorkshire, amongst other parts of the United Kingdom for all sports. Please visit our assessment page for your specific sport to select your assessment date and venue.


What do I have to bring to an assessment day?

Golf – please bring golf clubs, CV, copies of exam results.

Soccer – please bring relevant footwear for grass and 3G surfaces, shin pads, towel, warm up clothing, water bottle.

Track and Field – please bring CV, copies of exam results.

Swimming – please bring CV, copies of exam results.

For more information about sports scholarships, please contact us or    Apply Now

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