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Want to get an athletic scholarship in the United States? The first step is to get an assessment. United Sports USA provides professional athletic assessment services in our areas of expertise: soccer, golf, swimming, and track & field.   To book your assessment, contact us today. Or read on to learn more about athletic assessments.

What is an Athletic Assessment?

An athletic assessment is a lot different than a trial. During a trial, you are aiming for a sport on a team or club. During an athletic assessment, you are having your abilities evaluated by an expert.

Athletic assessments are one of the most important parts of the scholarship recruiting process. This is because the assessment will give you clear, unbiased information about your chances of getting a scholarship. A good assessor won’t just look at your athletic abilities, but also looks at your academic records, behavior, and maturity.

What Happens At the Assessment?

Depending on your sport, you may have your assessment alone or on the field with other athletes. The assessor will watch you play and practice. Video footage may be filmed for later review. The assessor will also look over your CV and grades. All this information is important when deciding whether you are a good candidate for an athletic scholarship in the United States.

All of our athletic assessments are conducted by professionals who are experts in their sport. They not only understand the sport, but also the academic and other eligibility factors which determine whether you could get a sports scholarship.

What Happens After the Assessment?

After the assessment is over, we will tell you whether you are a good candidate for a sports scholarship and whether we would like to work with you.   For golf, swimming, and track & field assessments, you will be told on the spot. For soccer assessments, we will notify you approximately 1 week after the assessment.

It is important to note that we only work with kids who we think will succeed in the US collegiate system. It isn’t enough to be a great athlete! Our reputation with coaches depends on us being able to recommend kids who can withstand the rigorous demands that come with being a student athlete, such as being able to handle coursework, athletics, and living away from home in a new country.

Even if we decide not to work with you in the scholarship process, we will still provide you with a complete assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.   We recommend that all young athletes get an athletic assessment early on. This can give you time to improve on some of your weak areas so you have more scholarship opportunities.

Benefits of Having an Athletic Assessment Performed

Whether we decide to work with you on scholarship recruiting or not, having an athletic assessment performed can tell you a lot of valuable information.

Here are just some of the things you will learn from the athletic assessment:

  • Whether you are eligible for NCAA or NAIA scholarships
  • What division/level you should be aiming for
  • Your athletic strengths and weaknesses
  • How your academic record will affect your shot at a scholarship
  • What types of colleges would best support your athletic development
  • Ways you can increase your chances of getting a good scholarship offer

How to Register for an Athletic Assessment?

United Sports USA offers athletic scholarships for Soccer, Golf, Swimming, and Track & Field.

To sign up for an assessment, you will first need to register online here. You can then schedule your assessment.

We hold soccer assessment matches in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Scotland. Please apply, complete the form and select your venue. There is a £20 assessment fee which can be paid online after your application is complete. Go here for instructions on how to book a soccer assessment.

To schedule a Golf, Swimming, or Track & Field assessment, contact us directly at admin@unitedsportsusa.com

For more information about sports scholarships, please contact us or    Apply Now

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