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United Sports USA is a UK-based scholarship consultancy. We were formed in 2009 by former NCAA D1 athlete Fraser Gibson. Since then, USU has become a well-known name in the business and we have helped dozens of boys and girls from around the world get great athletic scholarship offers in the United States. Check out our success stories to see some of the young athletes we’ve helped.


What Makes United Sports USA Different?

In order to help young athletes get great scholarship offers, we have to be experts in every step of the process.   Our staff will walk you through all the steps from NCAA and NAIA eligibility to taking the SATs to arranging your student visa after we negotiate a scholarship for you from a school of your choice.

It isn’t enough to just be scholarship experts though. We must have contacts with coaches in the United States, and these coaches must trust our judgment. Our reputation with US coaches depends on the success of our student athletes when they arrive at the school – both academically and athletically. This is why we put so much emphasis on the assessment process and only sign kids that will be successful in the collegiate system. When we recommend someone to a coach, the coach trusts that the athlete will be a good choice.


Why Choose Us for Athletic Scholarship Services?

It is a big decision to pursue an athletic scholarship in the United States. Just the fact that you are thinking about it shows you are committed and serious. To make sure you maximize your chances of success, you will want some professional help. Here are just some reasons why United Sports USA is the right choice to help you get a scholarship.

Staff of Former College Athletes:

Who better to help you get a sports scholarship than former student athletes? We have insider’s knowledge into exactly what college coaches are looking for when recruiting athletes and coach contacts around the USA. More importantly, we’ve been through the recruiting process ourselves and know what you are going through! We know how hard it can be to choose a college, how to prep for the SAT exam, and how to keep your nerves in check when talking with a coach for the first time. We promise to help you with all aspects of the athletic scholarship process.

Innovative Promotion Tools:

Make sure coaches see exactly what you have to offer the team! We put together impressive promotional packs which include hi-res videos which are professionally edited and online profiles.   These and our other marketing techniques ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Proactive Approach:

When you sign with United Sports USA, you can rest assured that we are working on your behalf. We help you choose the right colleges and universities for your needs and actively reach out to coaches so they see your talents. We make sure you get the best scholarship deals by negotiating with the coaches and following through right until you leave for college.

Experts in the Scholarship Process:

We are experts in every stage of the athletic scholarship process. This includes NCAA/NAIA eligibility requirements, USA college admission guidelines, SAT testing, sports highlight video production, athletic CVs and profiles, student visas and travel insurance, and having extensive coach contacts. Most importantly though, we are experts in athletic and academic levels so our clients get placed in the right place.

High Rate of Success:

We have helped young athletes from 22 countries land sports scholarships in 41 states across the United States and raised over $16 million for them in the process. Our success isn’t just about the size of the scholarship though. We make sure our clients get the right scholarship. This means helping them determine which level to aim for, which school to choose, and which scholarships will give them the best opportunities for long-term success -- as both students and athletes.

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