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Why United Sports USA?

Since 2009 United Sports USA has been assisting young student athletes in obtaining sports scholarships at some of the top universities in America. With our knowledge, coach contacts and bespoke marketing techniques we are able to achieve unrivalled success in sourcing scholarship funding. As a young dynamic team we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve sporting and academic success at US colleges and universities.

To date we have we have helped young athletes from 22 countries, spanning 4 continents obtain golf, soccer, swimming, and athletic scholarships at universities and colleges in 41 states across the USA, and raised over $16 million for them in the process.

Our staff of former student athletes understand the rigours of full-time collegiate sport whilst balancing the challenges of studying towards degree. This experience brings with it a huge amount of expertise in the scholarship process - we acutely understand the qualities American coaches are looking for in a prospect and our extensive contacts across in the US ensures our clients achieve the maximum possible exposure. We treat each client with individual attention and work with them to find the best possible university or college at their sporting and academic level.

Upon graduation, our student athletes have gained employment in the US, turned professional in their chosen sport, or returned to their native country to begin employment in their chosen field of study. Studying abroad provides opportunities most can only dream of and we have seen potential become reality over the years in what is a truly life changing opportunity.


As a young dynamic company our team reflects our core values. We are:


When dealing with parents, prospective student athletes, clients, Head coaches, and Universities we aim to be professional in every aspect of the sports scholarship services we provide. Our athletic and academic evaluation process together with our knowledge of the American University Athletics environment makes United Sports USA the right choice for those who are serious about playing sports in America.


We use innovative techniques to highlight the skills of our athletes and will continue to evolve to ensure our clients receive the best scholarship services possible. Head coaches are very interested in seeing athletes in action and our service ensures our clients are exposed to the right coaches in the best possible way. Our technology also allows us, where appropriate, to take advantage of video conferencing opportunities between Head Coaches and our consultants, as well as between our clients and parents.


We care about the work we do. As previous student athletes who won scholarships in the USA, we have a passion for sport and are committed to academic success. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in everything we do for all the clients and coaches we work with.


We don’t sit about and wait for things to happen. We make it happen. The portfolio of Head Coaches and International Student Advisor's we work with demonstrates our capacity to deliver excellent services to our clients, both athletically and academically.


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